Drew Struzan brings Frankenstein to life.
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Drew Struzan, the artist responsible for countless iconic movie posters of the 70s and 80s, is returning from his 2008 retirement to release a Frankenstein print for Mondo, in association with the Alamo Drafthouse. This is in celebration of the news that the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences will now be archiving Mondo posters alongside those officially commissioned by studios. Drew Struzan previously. Other Mondo screenprints.
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That is brilliant.
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I am going to buy that so hard.
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Hopping in to say that I actually contacted Drew Struzan to do the cover art for my film GET LAMP and while he retired before I'd finished my film, he was the nicest, most respect-filled "hollywood" person I've ever dealt with, and his price he was going to give me was a real bargain (by Drew Struzan standards).

He was at a Comic-Con to be there for a Struzan documentary coming out, and I met him, and he was twice as nice in person. Amazing.
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I was lucky enough to buy a few Mondo prints before they became impossible to buy.
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Recently got turned on to Drew Struzan through a friend's blog post which pointed out his old school key art for Super 8 and realized that his son Christian is one of my company's clients. Small word, and the son is a nice guy, too.
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I am going to buy that hit F5 for 3 hours (hoping that I'm there at the right time) so hard.

Seriously, with such a high-profile release, it's going to be damn near-impossible to get one. Those that tried to buy Olly Moss' Star Wars prints last year will attest to that.
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I am going to buy that so hard.

HAhahhahahhahaaahhaaaaaa. Have you ever tried to buy a Mondo poster? They sell out in less time than it takes your browser to load the Mondo homepage. Then 5 minutes later you can find it on Ebay for quadruple the price. It's stupid.
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Those that tried to buy Olly Moss' Star Wars prints last year will attest to that.

Hah, that was a horror show. Those sets, along with Tyler Stout's Star Wars series, are up to the thousands on ebay. Both sold out in under a minute.

If you want a better shot, I recommend signing up for the newsletter and following Mondo on Twitter. I have their twitter updates sent straight to my texts, and I've managed to get a few recent ones that way.
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