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Ghostly images remain on windows after bird strikes. No blood, no gore.
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Forgot to add: via my sweetheart, who sent me the link.
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This clearly demonstrates that Hogwarts' mail delivery system is in dire need of an overhaul.
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Yeah, the very first one reminded me of Hedwig. *sobs*
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The day after SNL first aired their famous "More cowbell" skit, a pigeon flew into my windshield, leaving something like these behind. GUESS WHAT SONG WAS PLAYING!
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Those are beautiful. I propose banning those little bird-shaped stickers that tell birds they're about to fly into a window in order to bring more such beauty into the world.

That makes sense, right?
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I found a pigeon in the front yard with an injured wing and a broken leg. When I went inside to get a box for her I saw the image on the picture window. It looked like a snow angel. Since it was my window that did it I took her to the vet (they treated her for free) and finally got her healed up enough to take her to a pigeon rescue organization. Who knew there was such a thing?

I know she was just a flying rat but she was actually a sweet animal and because of her broken leg, I named her Eileen.
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dutcherino: "I know she was just a flying rat"

We didn't always think so. I recommend this book. I really like pigeons. I want to pet their little round heads... But I guess I also think rats make really good pets, and unlike pigeons, the wild ones actually can spread disease.
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A bit more about powder down.
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This underlines the deep moral reasoning behind my refusal to clean windows. Or something.
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Dust, mixed with the natural oil in feathers. Quail are constantly taking dust baths in the dry earth in my garden, and I have seen many of these impressions on my windows after quail are flushed by a hawk and seek escape in a reflection.
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I thought this was incredibly eerie when I first saw it but now I have "Put 'em on the Glass" stuck in my head. So this is basically a win.
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I was pleasantly surprised by this link, mostly because I took "bird strike" to mean something completely different.
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These are very cool.

Pigeons, however, are not.
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I used to be a janitor at the Plains Art Museum. One day, while sweeping the floor in the gift shop, a crow hit the window and left a mark just like in the article. It made an incredible noise and fell to the ground, dead. I didn't know about powder down, but that didn't make the mark any less beautiful.

I stared at that mark for a long time. In places, it was just a smear, but elsewhere, I swear you could count individual feathers. I turned to go back to sweeping, but something kept me. It took a while to realize that there was single crow circling and circling over the parking lot. It was there for a long time.
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I did not know that birds suffered from dandruff.
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Many years ago, I was driving from California to Denver in March with some friends. We were on a stretch of major highway in the middle of nowhere mostly frequented by truckers. It was snowing, and my car decided to crap out. I pulled over to the side of the road, called AAA and decided to stretch my legs by walking along the fence that separated the shoulder from the pasture land. After going about 15 feet, I noticed one of the most tragic and oddly comic sights I've ever seen: scores of little bird butts pointing straight up in the snow. I suppose in the heavy snowfall, they were getting blown into the big rigs.

The bird ghosts are much nicer.
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dutcherino: did you call her Eileen because she had a broken leg?
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MuffinMan: Eileen DID lean. Rarely do you get a chance to find someone such a perfect name.
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I took "bird strike" to mean something completely different.

You're thinking of that phenomenon where birds sit idle until you increase the ratio black sunflower in the bird feeder? And then relations really break down and your patio gets covered in feces? Thank goodness for professional labor negotiators. I have one on retainer. He weighs 12 pounds including his slinky tail and knows how to get a grackle's attention.
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I know she was just a flying rat but she was actually a sweet animal and because of her broken leg, I named her Eileen.
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When I first entered my temporary flat in Southampton two years ago, a hilarious ghost gull with outstretched wings was centered on the middle pane of my living room window. Never seen this before. Quite hilarious, although I felt sorry for the bird: "la-dee-daa I can fly through there oh bang."
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"I had a parakeet when I was a kid. That was the only pet I really enjoyed. We used to let him out of his cage and he would fly around, crash into these huge mirrors my mother had put in. Have you ever heard of this interior design principle, that it gives you 'a feeling of space'? What kind of jerk walks up to a mirror and goes, Hey look, there's a whole other room in there. And there's a guy in there that looks just like me."

"But the parakeet would fall for this. I'd let him out of his cage, he'd fly around the room and, BANG! With his little head, right into the mirror. And they have no helmets, no protection when they fly. It's just straight back, the way they do their hair. And besides, even if he thinks the mirror is another room, you'd think he'd at least try to avoid hitting the other parakeet."

"But you don't have to be that bright to qualify as a parakeet. It's a two-question test: Can you fly? Is your head smooth? You're a parakeet. Congratulations, get your wings."

~Jerry Seinfeld
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I've seen lots of bird whack into windows and hop away a bit dazed but soon able to fly off just fine, so although I admit on a detached level that these images should be beautiful and ethereal, to me they are just hilarious. WHUMP.
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The house I rented in Glen Cove, Long Island, had occurrences like these. It seemed to be particularly caused by lace curtains, like you see in that photo essay.

I took the curtains down, against the wishes of the owner, and put them back up whenever she came to inspect.

What I've always wondered is, that sometimes I could see the bird that made the imprint lying in the dirt below the window, and then in an hour or two that bird would be gone.

I'd like to think it is because the bird recovered and woke up. Or else an outdoors cat ran away with it.
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Happened once where I worked. We called it the "shroud of tern."
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I was the shadow of the waxwing slain
by the false azure in the windowpane...
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The day of my grandpa's funeral when family and friends were gathered at his house, a bird flew into his big picture window. It left the exact same impression/profile as was on the cloth that covered his coffin later that day. It was beautiful and touching.
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They look fake.
Speaking of fake, I wish you hadn't put that sad story in my brain.
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Put a bird on it!
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They look fake.

I assure you not. Nobody would have faked that gull I'm mentioning up-thread, on the second floor, in that much detail. I got sad when the window cleaners removed it, it was like a real shadow companion.
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These are really beautiful. I've never seen them before or heard of anything like this, so the internet has worked for me today. Yay! Thanks, rtha.
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metafilter: we anthropomorphize pigeons
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kind of like: gyotaku, japanese fish printing.
google image search: gyotaku
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