Kittens on DJ Decks
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Short, sweet, chill. Three kittens take over some turntables. SLYouTube.
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Saw this yesterday. If only the "pro audio" (those are massive sarcasm quotes) section of Guitar Center was populated by kittens instead of moronic teenagers.

Come to think of it, most public places would be improved with the inclusion of kittens.
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So no, not chill.
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Just repeat to yourself: "incomplete without surface noise"
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Some of us prefer living things to machines, indubitably dif'rent strokes for diff'rent pholx. I've been trying to train my pet wolverine to program a Devilfish 808. Not going so /
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I like how two of them think to themselves, hey why not get on this thing?
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The middle one appears to not have a shadow. Maybe thats just me, though?
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Weird place to cut off the video.
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Dammit. After seeing the video I'd hired these kittens to remix my next single, but now that it's linked on MetaFilter, it's going to look like I'm behind the trends. I'll have to B-side it or something now.
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But yes, cute.
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That's the first cuuuuuuuuute video I've seen where my reaction was, "dang, I wish this were longer."
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The kitten spinning around on the record is straight out of a toon Disney musical sequence.
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From the video description: some very talented kittens on turntable decks sounding much better that I would. featuring DJ Cat Scratch, DJ Kitteh & DJ Pus

DJ Pus is an unfortunate name.
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that picture is so much win, rtha. My cat is uninterested.
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Where as I, after showing it to my boyfriend, was told not to show it to the cats, because they don't need any encouragement getting into shit they aren't supposed to.
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Yorvit made gingerbeer play it about three times, and then I made her play it about three more times so I could get a good photo.
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If those were my kitties their names would be "Run", "D" and "MC".
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Teh kittehs are cuuuute, but no way are we hearing what they are doing.
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The middle one appears to not have a shadow. Maybe thats just me, though?

The middle kitten does have a shadow, but not where the CGI front paws are pawing at switches (which never move once).
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The middle one appears to not have a shadow. Maybe thats just me, though?

I don't know. Something is triggering my bullshit detectors, too, and I'm not sure if it's the audio or if the video has been composited.

The different record needle scratch sounds sound way too similar to each other as though from the same sample, and there's a few parts where the cat turns down the volume on deck A completely and the fader is over towards A past 50% and the levels aren't really matching what's going on on the decks, even if it is two of the same record.

Plus there's no tone arm noises, bonks or rattles when it bounces of the kittens, the turntables or the edges of the platters. That kind of needle and tone arm abuse usually sounds like someone threw a microphone in a clothes dryer or is trying to blend a handful of spoons.

I mean, I've actually seen and heard cats and kittens attacking turntables - and a microphone in a dryer, and a microphone being deep fried but that's another story.

If it's creatively faked noises they did a really good job of it, but it's also a bit too musical, intentional, rhythmic and clean sounding.
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which never move once

The crossfader doesn't move, true, but when kitteh bats at the gain, it slides up and down.
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Er, the level.
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Yeah, I should have specified. I don't believe any of the buttons move in the video, except for CGI (visible movement of that one switch looks blurry and odd) or via digital superimposition of different placements of that one button (because often the button 'moves' when it is invisible to the audience/camera, making it so all you need is a switch from image A to image B).

I also think the random out-of-focus moment at the end is either to lend credibility to the whole enterprise, or was added later to hide something that transitions from one cut of the footage to another cut (all the kittens spontaneously deciding to stop at the same time).
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I don't know. Something is triggering my bullshit detectors, too,

way to overthink a platter of queens
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Oh, no, it's fake? The music might not be played by kittens? How will I ever trust this kind of investigative journalism again?
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I'm sure youtube wouldn't allow anything to be posted that didn't meet their high investigative journalism standards.
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As WalterMitty pointed out first, what lousy, cruel bastard named one of these poor creatures DJ Pus?
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Oh don't get me wrong, I still LOVE it.
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Someone needs to remake this video with this midi controller. I think it could be done without the need to overdub later, if the samples were picked right. Not to mention there would be much less concern about equipment damage. I have a cat who is not at all interested in my keyboard midi controller, so no latent talent around these parts ...
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Go-Cat has already done the cat-fakery thing in its ads. (Interestingly, the "advert" page on its site doesn't seem to be loading anything.)

That said, I don't care if the kittehs on turntables is fake. Having done the DJ thing in college (albeit 22 years ago, college radio -- not the same, I know, but two turntables and a microphone is pretty much the same thing in both contexts), and being owned by two cats myself, I am completely slain by its awesomeness.
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The video doesn't look fake. The audio might be. But that's not the point: kittens spinning around on record players= awesome.
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This is an ad for cat food. We're all clear on that, right?
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I'd like to see the videographer try to get away with this on someone's Walker Proscenium and live to tell the tale.
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Anyone else suddenly hungry for cat food?
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