The Washington Post calls it "An Attack on the World."
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The Washington Post calls it "An Attack on the World." In addition, the London Times has a graphic of a world map that shows the number of people killed in last week's attacks from other countries.
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Oh, without a doubt. This is an act that has resulted in global loss and heartbreak. I think we (and I am speaking as an American) can't forget that the grief and loss is not ours alone. Our sympathies need to go out to families and friends worldwide who have been directly affected by the attacks in New York.
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This and That.
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"British Prime Minister Blair, whose country is a close U.S. ally"?

The Washington Post has to spell this out?

I know a lot of Americans are wondering who their friends are right now, but man...
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I thought this was strange since no casualties from India are listed. It is possible that most of the people who were of Indian origin were US citizens. However, I doubt if ALL were. I am sure this will change as the numbers become more solid.

Are there other countries who are being under-counted here?
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The Netherlands are not mentioned at all. Three people died.
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