Evidence-Based African First Aid Guidelines and Training Materials
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Evidence Based, Culturally-relevant African First Aid Guidelines and Training Materials, from researchers at the Belgian Red Cross and Stellenbosch University.

Be sure to check out Text S2 at the end of the article for the full 62-page book of recommendations.
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Text S2 seems straightforward enough.

Some of the discouraged cultural remedies sound horrific, though - rubbing animal dung into severe burns?! I'd be curious to know how that remedy even occurred to someone once upon a time.
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This looks really interesting but it's really, really long. I've been in remote situations where a handbook like this would be very helpful but maybe with fewer text boxes and more (and briefer) points.
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hydrobatidae: this isn't the handbook. These are the materials to help organizations write their own handbooks. It says in the introduction that 30+ organizations have used the European First Aid Manual (EFAM) "as the basis for their first aid courses." AFAM is meant to do the same thing: "AFAM is a tool that helps you to develop First Aid manuals, First Aid courses, posters, slides..."
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