The Artway Project
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The Artway Project - Alexander Artway photographer, adventurer - Throughout his life, Artway made photographs. He left an archive of over 5000 negatives and prints of Russia, New York, Philadelphia, and more - each one meticulously crafted and beautifully conceived. Most were made during the 1930's and range from iconic images of Manhattan to earthy illustrations of his Russian family working the land. New York 1930 -1938 - On the Deep Blue Sea - Russia 1927 - 1936 - Nudes (NSFW)
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Wasn't this posted before or did I imagine it?
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Wasn't this posted before or did I imagine it?

It was posted yesterday. This time, there's not plug for the Kickstarter link, so maybe it'll stick around?
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Yea, I screwed up and linked the kickstarter page. My bad. /noob
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Onto the topic of the post: the photos aren't bad. I find it interesting that most of the nudes are anonymous. The women are headless or faceless. I'm not what -- if anything -- I should be reading into that.
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