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Internet audio for providing the background noise for your web surfing. Radio Paradise offers up peacenik rock and international music. Support American cornfed Middle Eastern music by listening to Salaam (more Middle East artists from Or just get your fill of 70s, 80s, or 90s pop rock. Any other good music out there for surfing with your ears?
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Live365 is pretty cool. I've got a couple stations on it. One is all obscure garage songs from West-Michigan in the mid-sixties. And the other is just a bunch of cool to go along with my music site (lo-fi).

I hope this isn't an inapproriate comment -- I'm new.
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You might want to check out this thread.
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i'm tired of all this peacenik music. how about some front 242? i was thinking of headhunter, special forces, the red team, television, w.y.h.i.w.y.g., u-men... maybe im rhythmus bleiben? sure, why not.

kmfdm: a drug against war, angst, son of a gun.

joy division: shadowplay, from safety to where, love will tear us apart, failures, disorder, day of the lords, new dawn fades, heart & soul, twenty four hours, decades, something must break, means to an end.

new order: we all stand, the village, 5 8 6, ultraviolence, mesh, procession, hurt, state of the nation, shame of the nation.

dj shadow: building steam with a grain of salt, stem/long stem, midnight in a perfect world, what does your soul look like part 1 and part 3, high noon.

depeche mode: halo, enjoy the silence, clean, waiting for the night, behind the wheel, agent orange, never let me down again, new dress, black celebration.

the cure: jumping someone else's train, fire in cairo, the holy hour, all cats are grey, the funeral party, la ment, one hundred years, the figurehead, a strange day, the empty world.

sex pistols: anarchy in the uk (and if by any chance you were to stumble across a live cover of this by new order -- all the better)

well, that was a fun lunch hour. thanks,
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Great link -- I have been looking for a site like this for a while, even did a google search for web radio stations that was surprisingly futile. As far as todays track list goes -- Matthew Herbert, Isolee, Rae & Christian, Geiom from NeoOuija, 2 lone swordsmen, anything with a broken beat, and if it sounds like it was recorded in a swamp (Bjork's new album) then all the better.
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my favorite [public] radio station from seattle broadcasts over the web. the programming is a bit of a crap-shoot (they play everything from rockabilly to world music), but be sure to catch their 6-10a show (pacific time) with John in the Morning. he's a little bit of alright.
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My drive in this morning:

- "Desert Storm (Remix)" - Klute from Industrial Revolution Disk1

- "Friendly Fascism" - Industrial Revolution Disk2 (Sorry folks, forgotten the artist/band).

- "The Drinking Song/Good Night Irene", "Gulf War Song" - Moxy Fruvous - Bargainville.

- "Turn it on" - The Flaming Lips - Love & a .45 soundtrack.

- "Ring of Fire" - Johny Cash - Love & a .45 soundtrack.

- "Redemption Song" - Bob Marley & The Wailers - Legend.

- "After the Flesh" - My life with the thrill kill cult - The Crow soundtrack.

Of course, this ain't radio, me just flippin' CD's...
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I listen to:

Ksex Radio

Guess what they talk about?

Live Shows Mon-Fri (5pm-1am PST) (8pm-4am EST)

Shows not to miss: Wankus Show (7pm PST 10pm EST)
Temptation Show: (11pm PST 2am EST)

If you have any interest in this subject, you won't be dissapointed.
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