I am a beautiful building!
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Beautiful Buildings Club is a comic about politics, the Cold War, and the eternal conflict between beautiful buildings and the evil Bauhaus empire.
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Strips like this are like New Yorker cartoons...on their own, none of them is even remotely funny, but after I read about 50 of them, they start to make me laugh out of their own sheer consistency.
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Yeah...But getting through 50 of them is the problem. I couldn't make it through five.
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There's something genius and something idiotic about this.
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With its Brutalist decor, the Alien Building ponders its disruption of negative space alongside the Revisionist Deco ornamentation of the Predator structure:

"As a Brutalist enclosure, I am aroused by the numbering scheme of the newly-rebranded Gatoradeā„¢ by-products."

The Predator Building enthusiastically responds:

"Fornicate within the Affirmative! The imposed metric instills a more assured means of inclusive libation!"

Both architectures pause, and chime in mutual consensus:

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