Working With Wood: Intarsia
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The art of intarsia was brought back to life primarily by Judy Gale Roberts in the early 1980's. Practiced in earlier times by artists such as fra Damiano da Bergamo, the technique is similar to marquetry. Intarsia is made by cutting different pieces of wood to shape, and sanding to fit them together tightly. Incredibly complex bas-relief pieces have been made by artists such as Kathy Wise.
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fab! wouldn't happen to be familiar with the work of Kit Williams, would you?
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Only in passing, I'll take a closer look at his work. Thanks!
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The stone wall version of this art produces things of great beauty. Dry walls / dry dykes / dry hedges - stone walls without mortar.
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Lovely. I really, really want to touch those wood pieces. Amazing work, bespeaks great patience.
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Absolutely beautiful. Thanks so much for posting this.
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Every few months Scrollsaw magazine comes out with a new issue, and it always has at least one cool intarsia piece, but I haven't been able to bring myself to try it yet.
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Wow. These are great.

I've found the difference between an okay-level intarsia work and a fantastic one is not in the complexity of the pieces, but the attention to individual shape. It's a lot like what makes a truly spectacular piece of stained glass.

If you look at the Kathy Wise works linked in the OP, she's taken the time to imitate the musculature of the big cats with each piece of wood. It really sells the movement.
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Amazing work and an awesome post!
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Beautiful work! Haven't been through all the links yet, but the baby giraffe by Kathy Wise - love it! So perfect and lifelike.
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This is great! This totally brought me back to a local artist and developer where I grew up. He would decorate his home and nightclubs in an odd combination of intarsia and Victorian woodwork and stained glass from buildings that had been demolished. It didn't register with most people, but was really something to see.
I am sure all of them are gone now (no one even thought about saving them) and you can't find many images, but it is such a specific and really neat technique.
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