Exotic is a relative term.
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Nisha Sondhe, a portait photographer and photojournalist, has been documenting similarieis between New York and Bombay (Mumbai) since 2008: An art director once told me, “I know you can shoot exotic things abroad and make them look beautiful, but can you take pictures of familiar things and make them look beautiful as well.” Which was interesting to me because when I would show work for jobs in India, people would ask me why they needed to see “photos of boring everyday things in India.” New York art directors are just like Bombay art directors. In fact, New Yorkers in general are just like Bombayites and the more I looked around the more I realized that the two cities are exactly the same. (via)
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I mean, they got the same shit over there that we got here, but it's just...it's just there it's a little different.
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I loved the shot of the fishmongers (fishwives?). Lovely work. Thank you for sharing it!
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Agreed. I happen to live in both cities, and I've always called Bombay "the New York City of India".
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Great! Another place I can strike from my "To Visit" list!
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My favorite is the comparison between the people buying flowers. The expressions on their faces are so similar.

(Also I should not look at that much gulab jamun before breakfast. GULAB. JAMUN. Mmmmmmm . . . Now that's a thing Mumbai does better.)
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So that makes New York the Mumbai of the United States?
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Beautiful! My family has done a fair amount of traveling in India, so they will love these. Thank you!
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If the two cities were exactly the same, I'd be able to get good Indian food in Brooklyn.
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I have found that most cities with high ethnic diversity also have many similarities. Fresno is a virtual twin of Las Vegas without the Strip.
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Would there be other examples of North America / India "twin cities"? Also, does anyone know what camera she is using?
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