Warning: Low-brow Music Ahead
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Muzak filter: Ernesto Cortazar (1940–2004) was a composer and pianist who was born in Mexico City. According to his wiki page (which reads like it was written by a friend), he composed background music for more than 500 motion pictures. His music is the type you receive in inspirational emails full of kittens & sunsets. So, it is suitable only as background wall of music for those willing to forgo their cultured sophistication. The only time he was mentioned on the blue, was on a pre-Askme Q&A from 2001 about ‘Cool Christmas Songs
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Must have inspired the music for this likable penguins being affectionate vid: LISTEN TO YOUR HEART ~ Mike Rowland
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Low-brow music or high, Forget-Me-Nots are one of my favorite things on this sad Earth.
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I feel that the sterile arrangements take too much away from the composition. It's pretty much folk music. It's simple, and there's nothing wrong with that. I think it would sound much friendlier to my ears on an accordion and fiddle in the corner of a dark bar. Maybe that's what's meant by low brow?
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I first heard of Ernesto Cortazar when I fell in love with the Wyclef Jean track, Apocalypse off of his first album. The sample is from Danielle Licari's interpretation of Cortazar's One Voice Concerto.
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