Educational and Informative Fun with Photography: the works of Prof. Andrew Davidhazy and others
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Andrew Davidhazy is a professor in the School of Photographic Arts and Sciences at the Rochester Institute of Technology. He has been doing fantastic and creative things with photography for decades, presented in photography exhibits and articles in scholarly and popular magazines. He explains the rolling shutter effect (previously) and provides an introduction to panoramic, peripheral and scanning photography. From there, we get into an informal catalogue of slit-scan video artworks and research (previously), from this video clip (possibly NSFW, with moments of distorted nudity) from The Fourth Dimension by Zibigniew Rybczinski (prior work on MeFi). If you're looking for less mind-bending and more stunning, Prof. Davidhazy also works with high-speed photography.
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I had him as a prof at RIT back in the late 70s. I'm thrilled to see he's still at it.
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Huh. I see him around town sometimes. I didn't know he was a big deal. Next time I'll make sure to tell him that I like his work.
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That dissection of the rolling shutter effect is great! Good explainers like this guy keep the world turning on its axis.
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Somewhere in a box in the attic I have some of the high-speed photos that he helped us take. I even had a poster-sized print of a playing card split by a bullet on my dorm room wall. Good times.
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I never had Mr. Davidhazy as a prof (alas!), but his office door and windows had among the coolest photos of any at RIT.

Also: Improvised infrared transmitting filter from slide film? It worked pretty well for me!
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usonian, very keen! Especially the ASCII graph.
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