Rescuing Books From Obscurity
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Sifting through The Staxx you'll find excerpts from ancient books about British chimneysweeps, ferns and mosses, Japanese art motifs, ornamental alphabets, and much more.
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What about the Volt?
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Looks like a fun place to poke around in. Thanks, hermitosis.

(The entries on Japanese art motifs in mon and fans don't appear to state their sources. Odd.)
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--don't appear to state their sources. Odd--

That was the first thing I noticed too. And then I looked at the archive view (the best thing about tumblr imho) and I'm fairly sure I've never seen any of the images.

The note at the top there says:
"I search the deepest and darkest corners of the stacks to rescue books from obscurity and share them with you"
So this person (presumably) works in a library (or maybe bookstore) and is scanning all this stuff. I wonder why they don't name the book titles though.
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this person (presumably) works in a library

That would be my bet, as the "How To Know The Ferns" book has a University of Illinois-Urbana sticker on the cover.
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This site is wonderful! Now I can get my cool old book fix without having actual cool old books!
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