UT Tower Shootings
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Don Clinchy, with the Texas Archive of the Moving Image videos collection, goes back to August 1, 1966.

Former student Charles Whitman starting shooting from the 28th floor of the university tower. KTBS Austin anchor Neal Spelce reported on the breaking story, and the camera crews took big risks to get the footage--you can hear the gunfire in the background of interviews. The archive has the raw tapes, "unedited and without narration, they are stark and harrowing and painful reminders of Austin's saddest day".
Phil Miller, one of two KTBC reporters who were shot at and rescued some of the victims, has a longish report that's very moving.
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They don't make News Media the way they used to.
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If the link involves Texas I will like it. Great link. Thank you.
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Here's a fantastic feature from Texas Monthly about the shooting, for additional background.
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Houston McCoy, the APD officer whose shotgun blast killed Charles Whitman, is at death's door and he knows it. Here's his final interview, along with a decent collection of links and videos related to the event.

If you know where to look, you can still find bulletholes left by Whitman in the shadow of the tower.
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I was there. I was working a summer job in downtown Austin before my senior year in high school. I was close enough to see the puffs of limestone from the bullets striking the tower. I caught several glimpses of the gunman shooting through the drainage openings in the observation deck. I knew several people who were shot, some of whom died. One was the girl already elected president of my senior class. Another was Whitman's wife who had taught at my school. Not a happy memory. I won't be following any of the links...
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