Rei Harakami, 1970-2011
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Rei Harakami, the Kyoto-based Japanese electronic musician from Hiroshima, passed away suddenly on July 27. He was 40 years old.

Known for his collaborations with Akiko Yano as yanokami and for his remixes of works by various artists, he was scheduled to make appearances in various summer festivals this year, including the one he tweeted about 2 hours before he suddenly passed away.

A short video of him fiddling around with a synthesizer.

Joy live at TAICO CLUB camps' 2010.
Yanokami live.
owari no kisetsu.
come here go there.
Grief & Loss.
TV Asahi jingle.

A few of his remixes:
Bara no hana (original version by Quruli.)
Katamari Damacy.
Takako Minekawa.

He was also known for his quirky sense of humor, silly tweets and friendly, laid-back character, as can be seen in these videos with U-zhaan, a Japanese tabla player. (Japanese conversation and narration with no subtitles, but not really necessary, I think.)
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Such joyful music. He will be missed. More Elbow is one that comes to mind.

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Wow, I'd never heard of him until now. Thanks for posting. Too bad he's gone.
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That cover he did of Quruli's song was so uplifting; this is sad news.

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Damn. I was never a huge fan, but I respected him due to his talent. RIP... So how did he die?
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OK, googling says cerebral hemorrhage... damn.
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Wow. I have his Red Curb album on my iPod and listen to it frequently. RIP.
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I just listened to the yanokami album a few days ago. Sad.
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I'm shocked and sad. Unrest was a beautiful album.

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Does anyone have a link to a complete discography? Is the Discogs one complete? Thanks.
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I heard about this on Ken Ishii's twitter. Didn't even think to post it here. Another big Japanese techno guy died last year. Takashi Yasumi (professionally known as Kagami) apparently had a heart attack at 33. Sad.
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I am SO sorry to hear this. Loved his music.
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aw man... I've been trying to remember this artist's name for five years to listen to his music again.

sigh. goodbye buddy ~*

I love your music that you've left behind..
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shortfuse, I think your link pretty much covers everything he's released. Here's what his official site has listed.

Space Shower TV has uploaded a couple more videos as a tribute:

robe @ TAICOCLUB '08.

Ai san san from the Dommune Fukushima! broadcast. I saw the live streaming of this performance, and it was pretty amazing. That's rei singing.
cape, also from the Dommune Fukushima! broadcast.

I was looking forward to finally seeing him live this summer, and still can't believe he's really gone.
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