India Block Printing
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Digital SLRs that shoot video have really upped the production value of short docs... They all look the same, but at least they all look good.
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Seeing this kind of thing restores faith in the essential nobility and indefatigable spirit of the artisan/craftsman, and, by extension, in humanity. It's uplifting in a simple but powerful way.
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Hopefully powerful enough that you'll go buy some stuff from West Elm.

From their website: Hand-Blocked Prints: west elm partners with traditional artisans to create beautiful hand-blocked bedding. Create a unique and colorful space with these block print sheets and quilts.

Does anyone know if this means that the textiles they're using are all actually handblocked? Or is it an original hand-blocked pattern that is then being mass-reproduced in a Chinese factory for them?

I hate that I'm so cynical about these things now.
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FabIndia sells clothing and other textiles that are block printed. The price and quality are good too.
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Damn. I'm going to have to remember to watch that next time my digital printer starts acting up; it might help to keep things in perspective.
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Loved the movie. Really felt like a slice of a culture as well as a movie about a craft.
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I've never been a huge fan of fabric prints, but this gave me a whole new respect for them. Thanks for sharing this--I love seeing craftspeople do their thing. Artistry and skill always make for fascinating watching.
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Back in the day, the Spencer's Gifts shop in the local shopping mall had a big bin of those hand-carved, and used, printing blocks. I think they were 2 or 3 dollars each.
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Thanks for this. I just wish it was 20 minutes longer and they cut out all the B-roll.
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