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OK Go + Pilobolus = All Is Not Lost

OK Go have achieved a measure of fame for their quirky music videos, which have appeared previously on MeFi more than once. Their latest features the Pilobolus dance company and a large sheet of glass.

The band also collaborated with Google: Chrome users can access an enhanced presentation, which allows users to insert their own message into the video at www.allisnotlo.st (NB: will require some processing power.) A description of the extra features can be found on the Google Blog.

NYT Magazine story about the piece, which Pilobolus is performing live at the Joyce Theater in New York next weekend.
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Flagged for excessive spandexy crotch action and Human Centipede flashback moments.
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I can't get it running in Chrome. :(
posted by flatluigi at 6:23 PM on July 29, 2011

That was fabulous! I love their videos, always fun.
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Needs more "lol butts" tags.
posted by mandanza at 6:27 PM on July 29, 2011

You're right. I can't believe I missed that one.
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Whoa. I liked Pilobilus since back in the 80s. They are a perfect fit with OK Go. I'd love to see how this was taped and edited.

And yeah, every OK Go song/video makes me love them a little more.

Tomorrow morning, I'll be wondering if I dreamed this. I've been having strange dreams.
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Thank you! OK Go videos are my favourite videos.
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PEOPLE CATERPILLAR!!!! I've liked Pilobulus ever since they came to my college and their tech staff was the coolest ever and they had me run sound and the gave us t-shirts and they did MEGAWATT the dance where they hurl themselves at gyms mats in blacklight and glowing and it was the best thing EVARRRRRR! And now the t-shirt is my day off shirt because it is full of holes and I will never throw it out.
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Here's a behind the scenes thing about their 3d version. (youtube)
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I now know more about OK Go's buttular-crotchular regions than I would've been comfortable with previously, and oddly enough I'm okay with that. Call them gimmicky if you must, but they're probably the hardest-working guys in the music video business.
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and balls!
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I had to turn it off, because I'd exceeded my yearly (perhaps decadely) sea green crotchshot quota after 40 seconds. I might finish watching around 2041.
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To say OK GO videos are "quirky" is like saying Rupert Murdoch is "naughty".
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Wow. That took balls.
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The girls were cute. Also I immediately thought of the human centipede as well
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Stopping 40 seconds in is a mistake. The real payoff for the concept comes in the second half of the video.
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So, just throwing this out there, the 3D version is available for (this week only, I think) on the 3DS. If anybody has one and hasn't checked it out, you totally should. The 3D makes a pretty cool difference.
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The girls were cute. Also I immediately thought of the human centipede as well

I haven't even seen [that movie] and I thought "[that movie]".

...but then I got won back over by a really cute expression I had typed in suddenly reappearing being spelled across my screen by lots of tiny choreographed feet.
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An expensive production (as usual); since by most accounts OKGo aren't actually in the business of selling records much, I'm guessing Google Japan ponied up for this one.
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which is good because the music itself is getting less interesting, but my oh my do they keep ratcheting up the spectacle
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Buttular-Crotchular is the name of my new dance company.
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That was great! Though I don't entirely get the band's preference for kaleidoscopes.
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This is my least favourite OK Go video. It has all the cleverness and dedication of their previous efforts bit less of the wit and variety. And too much crotch.
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I am slightly embarrassed to say that my first thought was, "What is this, some sort of scat party?"
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OK GO: I can clearly see they're nuts!

(Great video! Thanks!)
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I wouldn't be so sick of their schtick if it weren't such a desperate attempt to draw attention away from the mediocrity of their music.
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Oh, it's the treadmill guys!
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pineapple, I'll give you that this most recent CD isn't that special, but their first two are so. much. fun. So damn hot.
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OK Go videos must be the favorite time of year for people who have just been DYING to tell some people how much they don't like their music.
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I saw these guys perform last fall. They worked hard to put on an enjoyable, fun show in a small venue and I had considerably more respect for them after seeing them in action.

The video is visually interesting even if it is a bit, well, revealing. Thanks for posting.
posted by kinnakeet at 5:19 AM on August 1, 2011

kinnakeet - they have my eternal love because I had to good fortune of seeing them just before the treadmill video hit big. The venue had just enough room for them to clear off the instruments and perform the entire A Million Ways To Be Cruel dance. SO GREAT.
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