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Help the Hero! - Be the best manservant you can be!
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"In my philosophy, Mr. Benn, a man cannot call himself well-contented until he has done all he can to be of service to his employer. Of course, this assumes that one's employer is a superior person, not only in rank, or wealth, but in moral stature." ~ Stevens
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I'm sure Jeeves would have much to say that counters Stevens' assertion about one's employer having to be superior.
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It's also up on Kongregate if you, uh, want badges and shit.
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Dungeon Minder has a similar premise, though it's more of a roguelike.
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This is a lot of fun! I've been playing it over on Kongregate.
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This is totally based on the inventory system in Resident Evil 4. In that game the inventory was pretty much a little miniature puzzle game that was really more fun than it had any right to be. It's nice to see someone expanding on that!
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Protip: range weapons are the worst because you have to get the weapon and ammo for it. This takes up more space than items in any other category. So, focus on attack. defense and magic over range.
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That is fun, and the presentation is great. I really wanted a "sell all" button in the equip screen though. On the other hand, it would be interesting if the inventory persisted, and the game continued for longer, so it actually would be worth hanging on to stuff sometimes.

Also, damn your title, now I have this thing stuck in my head again.
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Protip: focus on three of your attributes and sell everything for the fourth.
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I had a hard time with all the text in the interface - so much to read, and the fights are staged behind a curtain. Excellent concept.
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clockworkjoe: you can stack the ammo on top of the ranged weapon. Arrows stack on Quivers. Quivers stack on Crossbows. Same for the gun. Bullets->Ammo Bag->Gun.

And if you want, you can simply stack the Ammo or Arrows directly on the weapon.

Also, for some of the fights where you need high Range, you can equip a Gun (with full ammo) and then a separate bag of Ammo. That's enough to max Range out.

Really fun game though :)
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Sincere question - am I totally alone in finding the 'save your gains on failed missions' mechanic, used by this game and lots of others, totally intolerable? It's like, if you fail a stage and still keep all the gold you earned, what is even the point of trying to play well?

I'm honestly curious, because I find it such a dealbreaker, but other people must like it?
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I noticed that as well, piato. Especially in a game like this where the right strategy is all you need to win, its a shame the developer included such a game mechanic as part of the standard game.

I think the best compromise would have been to include an Easy mode with "save your gains" enabled.
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