But I'm Not A Rapper...
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Rap Battle Parody Had to post this when I saw it. Taking shots at rap battles nowadays always provides quality entertainment. While you're at it check out the setup for Round 2, and check out Tyler, the Creator and his Odd Future counterpart participate in their own "rap battle".
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Why would you parody a taking of sides?
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of poverty?! I meant to write.
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There is a difference between freestyling and battling.

Not really feeling the parody when the real thing is so much more entertaining.
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Glasses... jacket... shirt... man.

Portions of this have been a running theme around here for the last month or so.

July has been a good month for declaring oneself "super hot BOYEEE."
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There's something about this that is somehow very good. Something to do with making a statement on the nature of competition, and the nature of groupthink. The creation of heroes, and the negation and exclusion of outsiders, even when those outsiders are more talented or more interesting. Some kind of statement on the "fixed fight". A statement on the refusal to listen, and on people who noisily insist that their hero/leader/spokesman is right, even when he clearly isn't.

For those reasons, this is very worthwhile.

Now, as pointed out upthread, a good rap battle is indeed much more entertaining. But I think this video is not really about entertainment. It's philosophy.
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you will now give me 500 favorites
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225 is indeed an area code. Come visit me sometime.
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Good God, do these guys nail the delivery of about 30% of every rap battle I've ever seen. Well done.
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this was hilarious. thanks.
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The Odd Future link is absolutely unbearable.
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