One-Minute Weird Tales
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S.S. Prazak's "Hat Tricks", Stuart Jaffe's "The Curse and the Revenge" and Bob Wilson's "Fences" are all One-Minute Weird Tales, strange and often disturbing little stories published online by the Weird Tales Magazine as short videos.

The stories in the series so far:

Vol. 0

"Chainsaw" by J.M. McDermott

Vol. 1

"The Curse and the Revenge" by Stuart Jaffe

Vol. 2

"Best Dressed" by R. Scott McCoy
"Catching an Angel" by Rochita Loenen-Ruiz
"Little Old Ladies" by Lavie Tidhar

Vol. 3

"Ghost" by Samantha Sterner
"To the Nearest Tenth" by David R. Hughes
"The Nightmare Jar" by Scott Emerson
"A Visit to the Dentist" by John Walters
"Elegy" by Rachel Swirsky
"The Stork Option" by John Wiswell
"Hat Tricks" by S.S. Prazak
"Fences" by Bob Wilson
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Presented to you in Futura - the spoooookiest typeface!
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Why are these videos?
posted by silby at 2:49 PM on July 31, 2011

Why are they videos? You go where your audience is.

I love these.

Now I want to write one minute horror shorts and submit them to Weird Tales!
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These are fun!
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just watched Best Dressed... hmmm. [insert random topic here] + Lovecraftian Cthulu Mythos is a bit too easy...
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These are so totally awesome. What a fantastic writing exercise (and creepy as fuck to boot!) Great post!
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The Great American Dream.

Stay in school, find a job, do well, buy a house, retire well.

Some advice: Don't take your work come home with you.

Pro tip: Don't let your work follow you home.

Career advice: Don't let your work meet your family.
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