La guerre Post-it
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Ubisoft started it with four Space Invaders characters. The trend grew within Ubisoft and then to a couple (Youtube link) nearby offices. It has since spread (Google Translate link, original here).

From the cited Le Monde article, Google translate mostly:

"In Defense (Hauts-de-Seine), the windows of the Societe Generale, Merck and GDF Suez have been visited by figures such as the Simp sons, Sponge Bob or Angry Birds, not to mention Pac Man. In Issy-les-Moulineaux (Hauts-de-Seine), the Battle of the rue Camille Desmoulins, mentioned a few days ago on Twitter, live from Eurosport, France 24, Coca-Cola and Vidal. Reportedly, Paris, Angers and Arcueil are also affected." has been affected (.pdf) with a bit more dedication. A post here says the game has spread to Rennes as well.
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Your 'four' and 'spread' links are the same. Looks pretty sweet, tho!
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Bowser est le principal ennemi du célèbre plombier Mario / Muaddib

Someone please tell me that Mario is "Muaddib" in the French translation.

It's-a me, a-Mahdi!
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"Someone please tell me that Mario is "Muaddib" in the French translation."

Tell me of your Mario Home World 7-4, Usul.
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"Bowser! Bowser! Bowser!" goes the refrain. "A million deaths were not enough for Bowser!"
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Someone please tell me that Mario is "Muaddib" in the French translation.

No, actually Mario's real name is Muaddib. He's been passing himself off as Italian for years to avoid anti-Arab prejudice. It all went well until he promised his sick father to follow the Ramadan.
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Muaddib is probably the nickname of the person who submitted that photo. As it was taken from inside an office, I'm guessing they want to protect their anonymity/procrastinatory habits :) "Dune" is huge in France and most French geeks (they use the same word here) are well aware what Muaddib means.

Glad to see post-it creativity has reached these French lands.
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The dig dug motif we've used on the windows of the underground office complex I work at just hasn't got the same attention.
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According to the link, the employees at BNP across the street from Ubisoft recreated the Space Invaders cannon on their windows. Pretty good for a bank.
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Does Invader have any influence on this?
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a local bar had Space Invaders done with LEGO
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