The Keyboard Cat event makes it all worthwhile
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Age of Fable is a web-based RPG with a whimsical sense of humor.

The game consists of small descriptions of the current state (where you are, what you see), sometimes with a picture. (In fact, it often seems like the states were written about random pictures with a narrative made up to tie them together.) My advice, don't worry too much about character creation, most of the fun is finding new ways to die (with a much lower learning curve that a certain other death simulator that recently popped up again). And if you just want to see the guts, the source code is available.
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An hour later, and many lives down, I think I found a way to "win". Maybe. But losing over and over was still more fun.
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I am a king among dragons, or a kipper among kelp. I'm not really sure either way. Nice find.
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That was quite fun until it randomly killed me without warning and for no apparent reason. For some reason I found that less fun.
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That was quite fun until it randomly killed me without warning and for no apparent reason. For some reason I found that less fun.

I should have pointed out that the whole game state is stored in the URL, so if you die you can always hit back as many times as you want to pick a new path. Since the game offers a save URL whenever you want one, I don't think it's cheating, but I found it to be more fun to start over and see where I started this time.
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You are brought before the city's official Rebuker - a sorcereress who takes the form of your beloved 2nd grade teacher Mrs Lippman. She tells you softly that she's very disappointed in you.

You find yourself staring at the floor and mumbling. You leave the Hall of Judgement wishing they'd flogged you instead.

Nice sense of humour. And I've been playing for quite a while and haven't died yet. I think the 21 luck points are helping. ;-)
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Yeah... but even so, the random HA HA! You're DEAD! kinda punctured the illusion of narrative for me.

I really did enjoy it up until that point though; it's amusingly written. Really I shouldn't be knocking anything that includes lines like
She explains that The Time of the Unending Gnawing of Entrails is merely a parable about how we should be nicer to each other. Her sincerity is obvious, but you are unsure of the soundness of her arguments.
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Upon entering the "Seal of Approval" tent:
Inside, a seal basks on a rock. It spends half an hour telling you that you're absolutely right, you can do it, and you should go for it right now.
I've managed to get stuck on an island... no matter what I do I get clobbered by a horse-cadaver. And die. And backing up seems to funnel me there again. Ho hum. Still, excellent.
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Oh, and related.
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You decide to eat at a new food court. However you leave when your sandwich is found guilty of treason.

Quality. The "OH HEY YOU'RE DEAD" approach is, if not good design, certainly a nostalgic reminder of games past.
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I think I found an infinite loop in which I just keep making more money/shells and improving my stats. After an intense adventure in which I was given some 150 shells and discovered the Pearl of Wisdom, I ended up right back where I started from. Somewhere I missed the end goal of this game, though - am I supposed to be trying to get somewhere in particular?
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The farm's scarecrow is the best you've ever seen. It's outstanding in its field.

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am I supposed to be trying to get somewhere in particular?

There's a lot of "End game" situations. You'll see most of them in death scenes, but sometimes it'll just happen at the end of a quest. I guess that's a kind of winning? My favorite came after I inadvertently activated the Plot Device I was carrying.
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There's a lot of "End game" situations.

Ah - so no particular "winning" end, then? Because I took in a "vast haul of booty" as an amazonian rogue (which looks to be about 1000 shells), but the best endings available after that were either staying with the queen and her daughter, or remaining the prince of rogues for all time.
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Endgame at Ozymandias. Classy.
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