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It's the late 1970s, you're in France, and you're not quite sure what this whole Star Wars hype is about. Let René Joly tell you about it. If your French isn't so good, someone was kind enough to overlay a translation in English, of course in the Star Wars Crawl style. If you can't find the original record from 1977, you can also hear the b-side: Enfant de l'univers (French lyrics). More French Star Wars? Behold: a dance spectacular on French TV (previously). If you like your cheese 100% American, check out the Donny and Marie Star Wars musical number, with very some special guests. For a little less cheese, and a bit more swing: Darth Vader and his jazz combo.

More from the past: Max Rebo Would Be Proud -- Star Wars: The Musical, from 1996.
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And one last parting shot: Star Wars Imperial March Gypsy Jazz Medley, by Thousand Monkeys.

And a rabbit hole of bad covers and tributes of questionable intent: Star Wars search on Discogs.
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There's also this: Darth Vader Salsa. Mmm... Darth Vader salsa.
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I...I couldn't make it through Donnie and Marie. And I've watched the Star Wars Holiday Special twice.
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Star Wars Cantina is the best song ever.

I also like The Saga Begins by Weird Al.
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Man, that Rene Joly cat is something else. The sword of light is clearly with him.
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I closed the window when I realized that Marie was not in the Slave costume. ah well.....
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You know, the Donny and Marie show was prescient, him playing Luke and her playing Leia, and them being siblings and all.

Oh, spoiler.
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Star Wars, nothing but Star Wars, give me those Star Wars.
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Metafilter: An iron brain that glows.
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