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At the beginning of last month, Scientific American unveiled a new network of 47 blogs with 55 bloggers. Their latest posts can be found here.

Included on the roster are some blogging veterans, including: Charles Q. Choi, SciCurious, Jennifer Ouelette and Caleb Scharf.

Ongoing features:
* Guest Blog.
* The Scientific American Incubator, exploring and highlighting 'the work of new and young science writers and journalists, especially those who are currently students in specialized science, health and environmental writing programs in schools of journalism.'
* Anecdotes from the Scientific American archive
* Budding Scientist: "Everything you always wanted to know about raising science-literate kids"
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How is Scientific American compared to American Scientist? I have a subsription to the latter and while I am enjoying reading it, I feel that it's a little too inside-baseball.
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Yeah, it's a good thing. Since the collapse of ScienceBlogs I was waiting for something like that to happen, getting my bearings from Science Blogging Aggregated by the same unimitable and indispensible Bora Z.
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I know about Charles Choi's blog b/c he's a friend, but I totally recommend it. His "Too hard for science" series is particularly awesome.
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Scientific American is only slightly more approachable than IEEE Spectrum. Both have very little baseball content.

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That's 0.85 bloggers per blog, scientifically speaking.
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No it isn't, scientifically speaking.
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I believe it's 1.17 bloggers per blog, assuming they have a knife sharp enough to cut 8 people up into 47 pieces that each represent 17% of a blogger (not to mention an appropriate weighing apparatus). Even then, only 40 blogs are going to get nice, solid pieces of blogger, like an entire foot or something, while seven are going to end up with...mixed blogger parts.
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EDIT: Dividing the bloggers may be a bit difficult, as they may be anticipating attack.

From the "Anecdotes from the Archives" blog, the anti-garrote collar.
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One of their over-educated propeller-heads should have realized that when you present someone with too many choices, the don't find anything they like. To wit: don't roll out 47 blogs at the same time.
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I knew without clicking that Alex Wild would have one. Wasn't disappointed. For the best insect photography (which is, in turn, the best photography), .
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I think this is a consolidation more than a sudden growth of brand new writers. It's been mentioned by some a while ago that there was a big move. If it gets some under-read bloggers more views it's a very good thing. If the serious SA establishment stifles some of the more silly topics then perhaps mixed.
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Excellent. Thanks, zarq.
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Charles Choi is a badass. That is all.
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I really want to love this.. but does anyone else find the pages cluttered? Is there a curated 'best of' kind of rss feed that isn't just headlines?

Let me love you again, SciAm.
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