Minter's Ring
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Smithsonian Magazine's new blog Past Imperfect has already told some interesting stories in its first weeks, but none more compelling than that of Lt. Commander Minter Dial's Annapolis class ring.
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Already so past this blog.
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What a story. Thanks for posting this.
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Incredible story and well told. Definitely worth your time.
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Needs more Christopher Walken.
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Nice site, though I could have re-enacted the Hundred Years War in its entirety in the time it took to load.
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What an excellent story, but such an unsatisfying ending! The coded message was brilliant -- not many people could have pulled that off in Dial's circumstances.
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Amazing story and so sad... Wish I hadn't read the descriptions of the conditions they were kept in, but at the same time everyone should.

What an incredible man to be sending such optimistic messages to his "worshipped" wife right until the end. I hope that my love always burns that strong.
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Huh. I feel kinda like an asshole for my earlier comment. Just an FYI, I've had this account forever, and saw a perfect opportunity to toss a quick eponysterical thinger in there.

Having read the article for reals, that's an awesome tale. It honestly sounds like part of a plot to an old black-and-white wartime movie.
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Wow, thanks for sharing. Off to read more stories...
posted by maryr at 8:16 AM on August 3, 2011

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