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Neil Fraser has an infrequently updated but interesting blog featuring such gems as the Lava Lamp Centrifuge, laptop storage advice, a Google vs. Multivac comparison, a synchronization algorithm improvement, a Godwin incident, and occasional holiday specials. He also bailed out Jeremy Marks, an LA kid arrested for video taping a police beating, who's now free btw, and helped death row inmates with their SEO optimization. (previously)
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The Lava Lamp Centrifuge and the Bailing Out are two different kinds of awesome.
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"So, now that I have this 3G centrifuge, does anyone have ideas for other things I could do with it?"

He's asking the wrong question. He should ask "now that I have this lava lamp, does anyone have ideas for other things I could do with it?"
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If you hunt around, you'll find other types of awesome too, including MOO tools.

I appreciated his perspective on the American judicial system in the Bailing Out and Freedom entries as well as a couple interviews from the google search link. And I loved his reddit comment screenshot from the gawker link.
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I actually made a version of his MRI block puzzle. It took ages.
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At first I thought the lava lamp was in the wrong orientation in the centrifuge, but in the hardware details he explains that it is on a pivot so that it remains oriented perpendicular to the resultant force.
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I could swear I saw that lava lamp centrifuge on Slashdot like 100 years ago. Maybe he updated it or something.
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+1 for hipping me to the existence of the Tricorder app.
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I think we broke it
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Yeah, I noticed one photo of the cute little laptop serving the site, but I figured he'd delt with slashdot and reddit before, and knew what he was doing.

You'd find some pages in the wayback machine and google cache, but most need pics or downloads.
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It lives!
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Cartoonist Targeted With Criminal Probe For Mocking Police (only tangentially related)
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jeffburdges: "a Godwin incident"

I don't know. Should the "one [X] [Y] [Z]" form be considered forever tainted by Hitler's use of it?
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