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Melanie Bilenker documents quiet moments in a unique way. Precious metals, ebony and epoxy resin are the canvas, and human hair is the material used to delicately capture life's simpler things.

Victorians incorporated human hair into artwork and ornaments (discussed previously here).

I would love to own one of these, which evoke these.
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She sure takes a lot of baths.

I'd love to see how she makes these. Tweezers?
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I'd love to see the process here. The images are cool, but are the drawn? She says, "I secure my memories through photographic images rendered in lines of my own hair, the physical remnants." So is this a photographic process or is she using photos as the frame of reference?

Neat stuff.
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Gosh, these are beautiful. I'm with cjorgensen in wishing I could see the process.
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Lovely work. I hate the website interface. Let me scroll from one piece to the next without having to hit "back" to get to the menu, dammit.
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