Pinhole photographer Gregg Kemp documents his cancer treatments.
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Documenting his own cancer treatments with his pinhole camera Gregg Kemp is not only brave but visionary. One of the main pillars in the pinhole photography movement for many years, Gregg is now on a new journey with uncertain results who has decided to take it head-on with setting up a pinhole camera in each surgery which exposes throughout the entire procedure producing a single unique photograph as testament to his hope.
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I love this guy's "Paths of the Sun" series as well (under Portfolio).
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.... yeah. Wow.
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Agreed. Paths of the sun is spectacular.
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At the same time, it points out the folly of unmoderated commenting, as the only comment on the linked photo above is "Is that you, Gregg? Let’s go to the Pub for a beer! Hugs, Sue & David"
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