Where Children Sleep
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Indira, 7, works at a local granite quarry. She lives with her family in a one-room house near Katmandu, Nepal. Ryuta, 10, a champion sumo wrestler, lives with his family in Tokyo. Where Children Sleep
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Delanie, 9, has the Innsmouth look.
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Ugh, #10. I'll bet you he looks exactly the same 30 years from now.
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#12 needs an old man and some balloons.
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#10 looks like one of the Tenenbaums.
OMG that movie was released 10 years ago
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good educational material for kids for sure.

I don't fault Jasmine for her privilege, of course, but at some point everyone needs to understand the reality of our human(e) race's brutal and astonishing inequality. ...probably not at age 4, but.. certainly by 8.
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*...by "race" I do mean "human race."
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Jesus, Indira is one of the most beautiful children I have ever seen.
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People still train from the age of 15 to be Geishas?
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The one from Yunnan province bears the closest resemblance to what I remember of the house my best friends in late elementary school/middle school grew up in. More graffiti on the walls, more dirty clothes scattered everywhere, and more (broken) windows, but the same kind of ambiance.

I wish there were some photos of kids among the rapidly growing population of homeless American families. Roughly 1% of Americans end up being homeless at some point in their lives, and currently, the number of homeless families in the US is increasing more rapidly than ever. If you really want to show the full range of how children live in the US, don't show us 3 pics of kids who represent an income group that currently makes up only 1%--10% of the population and a single photo of a poor Appalachian kid. If these pics represented income distribution in the US proportionally, you'd see a lot more meager looking kids rooms in the US, too.
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koeselitz: "People still train from the age of 15 to be Geishas?"

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Yeah, I definitely had an "I thought we were past this" moment when I saw the geisha-in-training.
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