Friday Flash Game Wants To Eat Your Weekend Bwahahahahaha!!!
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Kingdom Rush, the best tower defense This may be the best tower defense game you've ever played. Or at least the cutest.

I don't even really like tower defense games and I enjoyed this a lot.
Kingdom Rush has both well-thought out tactical depth, has some brilliant innovations (e.g. reinforcements... and then there a bunch of suprises I won't spoil) , and is very very very high polished for a free flash game. The loving attention to detail is sometimes astonishing.

It only came out last week or something, so there are a few things that could be tweaked, but I could find very very few issues.

For veteran gamers: the game's difficulty gets much harder after you get halfway or so through the levels. So don't worry if you find the first levels too easy. Also the many of the special challenges available after you complete a level with 3 stars are difficult.

For beginner gamers: you may want to switch to easy mode, especially after the halfway mark.

Note on the upgrade screen: "Marksmen" is unclear but seems to refer to all archer towers. Legionnaires, warriors etc. refer to better classes of automatic reinforcements.

Note at some early point, the game offers you upgrade points if you visit the developers on Twitter and Facebook. As I understand it, you get these points just for visiting - you don't have to join or like their pages. You don't have to do this at all to do well at the game but I thought it was a reasonable ask and ended up joining.
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I know what I'm doing once my bosses leave today.
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I've been playing this the past couple of days and it is indeed pretty good. TD games frustrate the hell out of me when enemies get past the last tower and there's nothing you can do about them. The rain of fire is a pretty good solution for that but it's not fool proof.

I need a good TD game for my iPhone as Fieldrunners and PvZ have gotten old.
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simple, but very nice little game :D
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I've been playing this a bit this week, and it's a pretty nice take on the genre. The use of soldiers fortifying outside barracks to actually hack one-on-one at various creepers is a nice, less handwavey metaphor for what would otherwise be a Tower of Slow in most TD goes; it's interesting the way that changes the dynamic of chokepoints a bit.
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I was just thinking: "You know what would be fun tonight? Getting drunk and playing tower defense!"

SO THANK YOU. Now buy me whiskey.
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I played this a few days ago too, it's great - the only part that really annoyed me was the constant click-click-click-click-click to unblock my towers in a couple of stages.

For extra upgrade stars, go back and do the survival mode for the first few levels, they aren't that hard.
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I've been wasting my time on this for the last week and agree that it is excellent. The difficulty spikes upward after the first six or seven levels. I've been forced to go back and play the 'bonus' rounds on early levels to get extra stars in an attempt to get strong enough to make it through later ones. Haven't resorted to "easy" yet, but still may.

I've only found one minor bug so far, on a feature unique to a mid-late level. In general a very polished game with a real arc and learning curve.

Highly recommended.
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Bless your heart! I've been replaying Cursed Treasure lately as that was a TD game I enjoyed, but was really looking for something new.... so, thanks!
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I know what I'm doing once my bosses leave today.

Why wait?
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I just hit the graveyard level. That was a nasty surprise.
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Hunh, was playing an hour ago, came back from lunch, and now I'm just getting a gray nothing screen after the developer credit thing.
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Thanks for checking! Very fun game! Once I get it going again!
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Huzzah, works in Chrome!
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Where did two hours of my life go?
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If you like this, give Ninjatown on the Nintendo DS a try- it has several of he same mechanics and cutesy-ness.

I consider myself a decent TD player and I'm having a tough time on the mid levels. I like a good challenge.
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I really like tower defence games in general but I'm picky, there are only a few actual games I enjoy in practise. This has been added to the list.
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Huh. Supposedly you can tell your soldiers to move to a different spot, but when I click on one, all I get is their stats. Otherwise, it's a pretty fun game.
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Click on the barracks and use the little flag button to give them a new rally point.
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I've been hooked on this for a week, since I saw it linked on FB. I've conquered it twice over. And am still playing.
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Arg I will be billing you for four hours of my time
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You can give your barracks a rally point within a certain radius, but you can't actually move your soldiers.

Took a couple of hours to get through, and I enjoyed the higher level upgrades. Fun Game!
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I think I undid a week's worth of shoulder rehab today.
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You and me both, Room 641-A. But it was worth it.
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Why would I feed the farmers with the chicken leg?
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Ah! Thanks. That helped a lot.
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Does anything kill those vile little bats besides fire?
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Ah, thanks. I've got a bunch of archers who can't shoot straight, but I'll try upgrading them and the mages.
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Yep, thoroughly addicted. Just after I got over my Travian addiction.
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Is there anyway to make the game larger? I have old eyes.
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These heroic challenges are insane! Love!
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Thanks Bwithh.
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Just finished the storyline (with many heroic challenges to go). Now I want to start over.

Excellent game -- some really great improvements over the usual. One tip: that ranged weapon of the legionnaire`s isn`t just useful against aerial targets, but ground targets at range, which is very handy.
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Is there anyway to get to Hammerhold?
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That was pretty awesome. Nice to see that there's Heroic and Iron challenges left to do once my shoulder stops complaining.
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I can for the life of me figure out how to use the tower specials; I click on the tower, select the special, one of the three buttons around the special lights up, the cost is deducted from my gold, but nothing in the tower's radius is affected. I did teleport something once, but I was just flailing wildly.
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I haven't marched through all the upgrades yet, but the ones I have seen are all passive—you are putting money into upgrading some aspect or another of what the tower or it's troops will do in addition to what it already does. So if you buy barbarians a bunch of points in throwing axes they'll be chunking some really nice axes automatically, if you buy teleport for a mage tower it'll automatically teleport stuff now and then, etc.
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Ahhh, I didn't realize the tower specials were upgrades for automatic abilities, I thought they were attacks that could only be used 3 times and needed to be directed by me.
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I can't believe you people are finishing this game in just 3-4 hours! I am totally get stuck on some of the middle levels. Maybe the system is randomly giving me less gold then you all?
And I am not a rookie at TD games...

One thing I find useful is to redo all upgrades in a specific way, depending on the needs of a level. Especially for the extra challenges.
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A strategy that's working for me (halfway through the Heroic challenges right now) is to use towers of various sorts early in the paths, fortified towers near the exit, and the biggest, baddest soldiers I can get right at the exit. I then use my reinforcements mostly to harry invaders by delaying them near the early towers so that the archers and mages can do their bloody, horrid, unspeakable things.

I haven't been using much artillery at all. Anyone else find that it's of any use?
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The maxed out artillery tower is the best thing for mobs of unremarkable guys. You'll need it for the skeleton spawning creatures in the later levels.
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I got the skeletons some other way in the Easy mode, but I'll keep that in mind for Heroic.
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I'm at the 33 stars marker and finding it hard to get much further! Some of the challenge levels I can't even conceive what I am supposed to do differently to succeed on them...

Great game, though.
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Does anyone know how upgrades are limited on the lower levels?
For example, my Legionnaires do not have spear throwing, despite the upgrade being purchased, in the lower challenge levels. I am not sure which upgrades are just a waste of time for those levels, and don't know what else to use to leverage advantage.
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So a level 1 max would mean you can't upgrade any of your towers (since they start off at level 1) at all during the game but you can have the 1st level upgrade for your star enhancements.

Then how am I supposed to grind my way to success on the earlier challenge levels??? :)
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Oh yes, the earlier mid-level challenges are ridiculous, with just a sliver of margin for success. So frustrating, but very addictive challenges as well.
After barely touching artillery, I found them essential in some of the ice level challenges. At the front put an articllery surrounded by 2 barracks, positioning both sets of troops at the same spot in front of the artillery, which you use almost all of the starting money to maximize upgrades on. Makes short work of the major rushes, especially if you get your guys up to Paladdins.

I finished the game rather easily when I gave up on finishing all challenges on each level before moving to the next stage. I could do without the excess clicka-clicka-clicka on the final level, but the stage is so fun (and your towers so powerful) that it is still super fun.

I want an extra level pack!
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