You Got The Love
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Decades before "You Got the Love" was covered by Florence and The Machine, it was a little known gospel record originally recorded for an 80's dieting video by Candi Staton.

Originally released as an R&B version by The Source in 1986, the vinyl included an a capella which got the track it's first chart success in 1991 when it was layered over the underground Jamie Principle anthem "Your Love" -- one of the earliest mash-ups to become a major hit -- reaching #4. (Jamie Principle has his own interesting story)

Since then, it's been an evergreen club hit, covered and remixed multiple times:

New Voyager Remix
Florence & The Machine - You Got the Love (remixed by The XX)
Shapeshifter's Remix
Mark Knight Remixing Florence and the Machine.
Candi Staton performing it in 2008 at Glastonbury
Joss Stone
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Oh crap, I forgot to link the Jamie Principle version, which is the best one, imo.
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That's okay empath, I only have to close my eyes to hear both ;-)

It's a perfect song, I think. Every time I hear 'Sometimes I feel...' pop up over the 'Your Love' intro it's as MDMAspinetinglingly wonderful as the first time I heard it.

Flo & the Mac did it justice, just about. There is no fucking way I'm risking the Joss Stone version.

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Touch > Love
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it was a little known gospel record originally recorded for an 80's dieting video

This is actually pretty common throughout the history of music. It's a little known fact that Handel's Messiah was originally written to accompany a series of Pilates exercises. The Hallelujah Chorus is specifically designed to work the calves and upper torso.*

*Disclaimer: Facts mentioned in the comment may not correspond to real facts.
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After a 'Tube trawl, DJ Eren's version is without doubt the best version, and canonical - it's the first mix of Staton's acapella with the 'Your Love' instrumental.
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Awesome post, thanks.
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Wow I hadnt really heard a lot of F&TM. I have to say I do not like her version at all. She sounds rushed and bored and the music is overproduced and flat.

Anyway, go 80s R&B Gospel!
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What a great post! Thanks so much for revealing this history behind this jam!
posted by awesomebrad at 4:20 PM on August 6, 2011

The real best version unfortunately has been deleted from Youtube. Thanks a lot!
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I thought that song sounded familiar when I heard the F&TM version. Not the best song on the album. (But the post is great.)
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Nonsense, mike_bling. Here's the real *real* best version. The Candi Staton/Frankie Knuckles boot, Love/Rock. (Not that ersatz fake version that empath posted.)
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Also, that version jack_mo posted was a remake of the boot, not the proper tune imo.
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Also, also: the boot's generally referred to as Candi Staton/Frankie Knuckles, because in the UK where the mash up was created, Your Love was originally credited to Frankie Knuckles as producer, rather than Jamie Principle as vocalist.
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I just can't get past the Florence version, I love her voice.
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I'm partial to this more taciturn, mid-90s-style version myself (the "Voyager Radio mix" apparently).
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omg, i love this post. thanks!
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Sooo HAPPY right now - a long time Candi Staton fan, and admit to putting Young Hearts Run Free on repeat for me to sing along with in the car. Her voice is just so fantastic.
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So... what is this dieting video this song is taken from?
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Just for fun, a rock cover of the Jamie Principle original.
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Ah. No wonder I kept getting Deja Vu whenever I heard F&tM's version.

That said, the rest of Florence & The Machine's album is far better, and you'd be remiss to avoid it because of this one song. Don't judge the book by its cover!
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PeterMcDermott: "Also, that version jack_mo posted was a remake of the boot, not the proper tune imo."

Yep, you're right - I thought the version I linked to was the version you linked to (if that makes sense!).
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Yeah, this song is just about as perfect as it gets. Like jack_mo, I get that spine shiver every single time.

[self link spammage: I interviewed Ms. Staton a few years back – sadly over the 'phone rather than in person – and she was lovely; genuine and honest and sweet, which, given some of what she's been through in her life, is no mean feat.]
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jack_mo: yeah, they are very similar -- as they would be given yours is an attempt to legally remake mine (if you see what I mean.)
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I'm partial to the version on ladytron's softcore jukebox / layer cake soundtrack, which is mostly an update from the bootleg version posted by PeterMcDermott and jack_mo.
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