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Jugend was a German Art Nouveau magazine published from the 1890s to the 1930s. The articles are in German, but every issue features spectacular Art Nouveau art and design. The entire archives are online. Other Art Nouveau magazines included Pan and the The Studio (archives),
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My eyes are bad. Is this a bunch of babies feeding an old dude to a lobster? Cause I thought that was my own private Idaho.
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Simplicissimus, a contemporary Munich-based satirical magazine (with some overlap in artists and writers) also seems to have put all their archives online as well - apparently they were working more or less simultaneously with the Heidelberg group that did the Jugend project, and they got permission to put up the Jugend archives as well (in an online non-PDF format.)

Thanks for this - I love the art in magazines from this era, and I would never have realized that either Jugend or Simplicissimus were digitalized if it weren't for this post!
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I have been trying and failing to replicate Simplicissimus' off-hand stylized cartoonishness my entire life.
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Wow, this is amazing.
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Thanks so much! A year or two ago, I was way into the Vienna Secession, Klimt, and Art Nouveau in general. I remember trying to find something like this but couldn't. I've always really admired Jugend's covers that are everywhere.
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This!! This is what the internet is for!! This and porn!!
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Do a Google Image Search for Maxfield Parrish if you'd like to see more of this sort of thing.
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Magnificent. Thank you.

A tip for others with German as limited as mine - once you're into a volume, the "Vorschau" button/tab gives you a thumbnail view, and makes skimming for pics infinitely easier.

(Alternatively, hitting the English flag button will give you that same choice as "Page Preview"..)
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Thank you so much, empath!

Here is the first year of Ver Sacrum, the Viennese Secession publication founded in 1898.
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