The Way of the Wagon
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Classic Refuse Trucks. Your Home For Vintage Refuse Equipment.
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This is decidedly more cool than it would appear on the tin.

Some of the trucks shown here really bear a similarity to some of the trucks I remember seeing in while I was a child in a medium sized Midwest city.

And the Thiele Body Works trucks shown here and here evoke a by-gone era when garbage collectors (or is it refuse collectors) whistled while they worked and were one of the "people in your neighborhood".

And there's this. Which might actually be what I am thinking of.
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This is the web I fell in love with.
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BEST OF THE WEB. I'm in heaven. Thanks a bunch!
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is it anti-social of me that I've always wanted one that, instead of compacting the trash and whisking it away, instead shreds it all up and blows it all over the place?
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I imagine you could flex out some windows into those refuse tanks, built in a door, some nice knitted curtains, a sundeck on the top, et voila: the perfect hipster motor home.
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I like 'Unsolved Mysteries'.
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I misread this as "Classic Refuse Tracks," and was confused at not finding a bunch of metalcore punk behind the links.
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However, readers should enjoy this fascinating look at the world of French refuse collection vehicles, particularly the accomplishments of Fernand Rey, a seminal figure in the development of hydraulic refuse packers with both SITA and later SEMAT.

It's sentences like this that, in my darkest hours, let me still love the internet. Viva obscure obsessions!
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Ah, you click on interior view and it shows you a rare view of the compacting blade, not the cabin.

You know what deserves this sort of loving documentation? Everything.
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I can't upvote this post enough: Honestly, this is absolutely one of the best links I've seen in years. 10 years ago, there were many magnificent obsessional monuments like this one on the WWW, now they are nearly all gone, or hidden away (or ripped off). Bravo!
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When he was little, my son loved garbage trucks so much. This site gave me nice sentimental moment. great post.
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A contender for the Old Man and the C-Drive AskMe thread.
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How about getting two or three of these? What every hoarder needs!
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