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Pearl Bailey and Andy Williams (1963, from the Andy Williams Show) - Give Me the Simple Life (SLYT)
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Fantastic. Put a smile on my face.
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I confess that I have never really known who Andy Williams was and have always conflated him with Paul Williams. I was hoping to see a short, weedy guy sing a duet with Pearl Bailey.
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Heh. I always conflated him with Andy Gibb. Good post, thanks.

P.S. You have not lived until you've seen Pearl Bailey and the Muppets doing "My Soul is a Witness".
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My brain kept reading this as "Pearl Bailey and Andy Griffith ... from the Andy Griffith Show", and I couldn't imagine the situation that would have led to the song during an episode.

It's odd to see two singers sitting down through a whole song.
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I clicked on this expecting a duet between Andy Dick and Pearl Jam.
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Pearlie Mae was always good for a laugh and a smile. Never got the appeal of Andy Williams.
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"I didn't think he'd do 'Moon River,' but then -- bam! -- second encore!"
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Quick -- go to Netflix and reserve the "Pearl Bailey and Carol Channing Live on Broadway" dvd. It has the best of times and the worst of times for both, and is basically a really weird slice of life that shows you how much showbiz has changed.
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I've always loved Andy Williams. I find him smooth and professional, without being overly slick or smarmy or pretentious. Don't get Pearl Bailey though - just sing, dammit, quit jabbering! (I'm off to youtube to watch Andy Williams videos now!)
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Damn, I forgot what an amazing singer Pearl Bailey is, and Andy Williams seems to give it the ol' college try (and did better than I expected).

This has sent me on a lovely YouTube rabbit hole. (Pearl Bailey + Sarah Vaughn + Ella Fitzgerald here! How did the stage not implode from such concentrated vocal virtuosity?)
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Nice post... thanks..
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