Massoud's Last Words
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Massoud's Last Words The last interview with the leader of the Afghani opposition, who was killed right before this whole mess. Somewhat relevant as the US may ally with these rebels in the coming months.
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Wow- he comes/came across as articulate, thoughtful, and intelligent. Too bad that since the Russians were kicked out of there, the US pretty much dropped the ball on helping to establish any kind of democratic state with those people, and abandoned them after that debilitating war. A cynical person might suggest that's because U.S. foreign policy is rarely concerned with actual notions of human rights or democracy except where money or ideology [that funnels money to the right people] also are involved. Regardless, how much different would the Middle East look right now had we followed up with Massoud and Co. in the past decade? It's not surprising that bin Laden- or whomever- killed this guy:
There should an Afghanistan where every Afghan finds himself or herself happy. And I think that can only be ensured by democracy based on consensus. It is only in that type of situation that all the tribes and all the people will see themselves as being fairly represented.

We have developed a democratic Shura, or council system. People gather and decide what to do. These Shuras are comprised of different sectors of society: religious people, elders and the educated. Commanders are not part of these Shuras. Our Shuras start from the village level and expand through district to province level. Most of the political affairs are run in consultation with these Shura structures.

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I'm curious if those remaining in charge are as (seemingly) democratic leaning as this guy, or more of the same "new Osama" type.
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I am reviewing films and writing synopses for the Human Rights Watch International Film Festival ( One of the films I am writing about is called "Jung [War]: in the Land of the Mujaheddin", documenting an international aid group trying to set up a hospital in Northern Afghanistan for landmine victims. It's a harrowing tale, graphic and horrifying, but a very good snapshot of Afghanistan's deposed government's struggles against the Taliban, and the desperate plight of the people in the crossfire. Massoud is interviewed briefly on the front lines of the battle.

It is a difficult film to watch, but I think that it should be required viewing for anyone who wants to know more about Afghanistan, the battles fought there, the terrain our soldiers may soon be facing, and the people who are at the other "ground zero", the Afghani's themselves.

It's a traveling film festival--I believe the website will have locations, if anyone is interested in going to see it.
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