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What We Want is "a montage of 'Voices' from people around Oregon sharing what they want for the future - set to the music of Storm Large".
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Almost all the "wants" are what should just BE. I get most of them without ever thinking I'd have to ask.

Oh, except for the "hot butch request".
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For the uninitiated, this is the quintessential Storm Large video.
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I still say it was Storm Large who should have joined Dilana in the final two of the ill-fated "Rockstar: Supernova", and not that little skank-ass hobbit motherfucker.
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A montage of (carefully selected, arch-liberal and photogenic) voices guaranteed to tickle your leftist funny bone.

Listen, I'm as left as it gets. Relocated to SF from Portland. Believe in equality for everyone. Vote my beliefs.

That said there's a certain level of twee that makes your message look pathos-laden, and when you are holding up handmade signs to Storm Large videos, you have left that line far, far behind you.

When I see highly polished videos like this, I don't think 'How, can I as a left-leaning, heterosexual get involved with equality for all?' I think-- 'wow, those guys have really scored in terms of fundraising and being the cause de jour!'

Back to Google News and the bloated bellies of dying infants in Africa,

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I'd just like to state that I love my state.
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If I were to pick a state from which I'd like to hear a montage of voices about the future, it would be Oregon. Thanks for the post.
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We want to put a bird on it.
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