Flight into Danger
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"Flight into Danger" invented the cliches of the disaster film genre, invigorated the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation and changed the life of its author, tractor-trailer company advertising executive Arthur Hailey.
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"Flight into Danger" became "Zero Hour", which became "Airplane!". Now someone needs to do a three-way edit to update this "Zero Hour" vs "Airplane!" shot comparison.
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I just wanted to tell this thread good luck. We're all counting on you.
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I finally saw "Zero Hour" and it was as awesomely earnest as I'd hoped. So much of the hilarious dialogue from "Airplane!" was verbatim from "Zero Hour!"
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speaking of movies, do you like movies about gladiators?
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He wondered whether someone like him, who'd flown planes for the Royal Air Force but hadn't been in a pilot's seat since the end of the war, could fly and land this four-engine Trans-Canada Air Lines airliner if catastrophe hit...despite having a drinking problem.
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The screenplay for "Flight into Danger" was reproduced in some kind of student compendium of Canadian literature, and I quite vividly remember my grade 5 class reading it out loud (lucky students selected for the choice roles) in about 1972. All that pre-pubescent energy channeled into earnest adult dialogue, conveyed through high pitched voices.
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This is my first attempt to thank anyone for producing a play on TV, one reason being that most plays produced by the CBC are not worth thanking anyone for. They are a little above our heads, but we thought Flight Into Danger was superb.

But... it's set on a plane... in flight! How is that not above your head?
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The screenplay for "Flight into Danger" was reproduced in some kind of student compendium of Canadian literature

I have the same memory, but it was in grade ten English. We never seemed to have interesting things assigned in that class. I think because it was a logging town and the powers that be assumed we were idiots. I still remember thinking how awful this was when I read it at the time and also how I was completely unaware of it's connection to Airplane when I finally saw it a few years later.
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God, I was wondering if they were going to get through that whole thing without ever mentioning Airplane.

I can't tell you how worked up I was waiting for them to finally make the connection.

You can tell me. I'm a doctor.
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Hailey to his wife: "I thought of a screenplay idea for a TV Play."
Hailey's wife: "A screenplay? What is it?"
Hailey: "It's a script for a film, including instructions for sets and camera work, but that's not important right now."
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Thank you for this post, which clarifies something super embarrassing that I didn't realize I was still confused about.

At a used book sale a couple of weekends ago, I saw a book from the late 50s/early 60s (probably, I realize now reviewing Hailey's bibliography in Wikipedia, The Final Diagnosis or In High Places), and thought, "That's weird. That can't possibly by the same guy who wrote Roots."

Now, obviously, I realize, of course, it wasn't.

I'm not sure why I bring this up here, except that it's the kind of embarrassment for which somebody should be shamed publicly.

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I can't believe that no one's mentioned what immediately stood out to me--James Doohan in a starring role! (And with a background similar to his character's, since he did in fact fly planes in WWII.)
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1) I'm still amazed they pulled that thing off live- I saw it reaired on TV once by the CBC, it is awesome.They also did a special on it and other interesting live TV shows.

2) Chalk River isn't a nuclear power station, it is a nuclear research centre. It doesn't have any power reactors on sight --though it does have several nuclear reactors none of them produce power.
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Also, how bizarre is it that the article never mentions the Hailey novel that got adapted into a blockbuster movie that itself spawned three sequels?
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James Doohan in a starring role!

Not to mention Cec Linder, who played Felix Leiter in Goldfinger.
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