Sea Eagle Cam.
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Despite the collapse of the nesting tree earlier in the year this remarkable couple have built a new nest in double-quick time and recently laid two eggs. Through EagleCAM, you have a unique and amazing opportunity to follow their progress as we count down to the hatching of the first egg [S1] on or around the 14th of August [and the second, S2, the next day].

The (wild, resident) White-Bellied Sea Eagles at Birds Australia's Sydney Olympic Park Discovery Centre have hatched two chicks. The live feed under the "EagleCAM" link will be black and white IR night vision for a few hours yet, but the brooding parent can be surprisingly active at night. Viewers are requested to email Birds Australia if they see any shift changes or feeding during the night (email address is down the page under the live video).

Video of last years chicks being fed by both parents at three days old. More photos, questions and discussion at EagleCAM's facebook page (no login required).

Eagle cams previously.
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With it being still, it reminds of back in the day when I'd watch people's "life" cams for hours on end, or when I'd actually get involved in the Big Brother feeds. Sometimes, just sleeping can be fascinating to watch.
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EagleCAM is like Jennicam, but the eagles don't steal their neighbor's husband.
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Fiance* (is ashamed to be correcting someone on Jennicam)
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No. Will not click. Last time I looked at the eaglecam my wife had to have an intervention to pull me away. I'd whip out my phone anywhere and show people the eagles, the eggs, etc. I could tell the male and female apart from just a glance.

Not gonna click. Gonna call my sponsor.
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EagleCAM is like Jennicam, but the eagles don't steal their neighbor's husband.

They will steal their neighbor's fish, however, if they think they can get away with it.
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Neat. one of the parents just landed and is sitting in the nest.
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