Straight outta Cleveland
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Straight outta Cleveland. Rapper Machine Gun Kelly headlined the Village Voice's music section last week ahead of a show in New York last weekend and after inking a deal with Bad Boy records earlier this month.

That wasn't his first visit to New York City. MGK won Amateur Night at the Apollo, the first rapper to do so. Meanwhile, interviewers are asking him whether he aims to be the next Eminem.

But Cleveland pride (see first link above) is a big part of his act as his local press has noted. He's got a lot of love for Ohio State Football. And he can certainly wind up a local crowd.

His first album under the deal isn't due out until next year (though it's reportedly already in the can), but between his web site and Youtube Channel. You can get a pretty good idea where he's going.

Some of the other music videos/"viral videos":
Alice in Wonderland
Chip of the Block
100 Words and Running promo video

You can read about the original Machine Gun Kelly here and on the FBI web site. The new incarnationclaims not to aspire to the gangster life (also linked above), but to have been nicknamed for the way he spits out words like a machine gun. Indeed, "Don't try and be gangster..." is number 3 on his "10 cracker commandments."
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thanks for the song video links. he sounds good. although signing to Bad Boy in 2011 is a bit like putting "EXPLOIT ME" on your back, but we'll see
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Really interesting...
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This video is his autobiography, so to speak. Really nicely done.
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Sorry, but this kid is nothing special. He's certainly not the next Eminem, and Em shouldn't even be brought into it because this kid is nothing like him. Is he a less talented version of Wiz Khalifa and Crucial Conflict? Probably.

I watched good portions of 6 or 7 of the videos, and sorry but this guy aint got it. I'll still take him over little wayne most days, but really, I wish you well man, but there's nothing special here. And signing to bad boy just kind of cinched it. He's not a bad rapper, and lord knows there is a ton of really bad, soulja boi-esque, mr. ghetto nonsense bs lazy rap out there to clump on top of whatever blather drake has droned out this month, but there are 100 rappers better than this guy that are current. His style is average, his whole appearance is somewhat unique, but still mostly so-so and his raps aren't memorable. Maybe he needs some beats, but even that won't make it better. Good for him that he's been keeping at it for years though.
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Those videos were all pretty weak IMO. Eminem was special and you could tell the minute you heard him.
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"Machine Gun Kelly"?!? This guy did it first, almost 40 years ago as a Top 40 Disc Jockey (even though many of his gigs required him to shorten his stage name to M.G.). He did make an important contribution to the verbal arts when he earned a Guinness World Record for stretching out an intro to over a minute of "MACHINE GUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU....." Now THAT's hardcore (well, for the '70s).
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Eminem wasn't that special. Eminem was white and pretty good looking and had good punchlines and an outlook that connected with teenagers, but he made the same gimmicky song 90% of the time and it got old. Not to say the guy can't rap, but I still don't get the super boner everyone got over him.

This message brought to you by Your Favorite Band Sucks
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More power to the kid but I just dont see how there is any need for this.
I feel like I've heard his stuff a trillion times already.
Its straight late 90s.
And not in a retro way, but in a rural way.
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More power to the kid but I just dont see how there is any need for this.
I feel like I've heard his stuff a trillion times already.
Its straight late 90s.
And not in a retro way, but in a rural way.

I feel you, broseph.
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However, I'm fond of this kid for his youtube demeanor and general new century panracial hip-hop as non-race music artform earnestness. So good on his skinny ass, as such.
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This is not a time for levity...
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I don't know if it's the same Machine Gun Kelly, but at Scribble Jam 2003 (battle rap contest/hip hop fest) I think I saw this guy face an asian rapper and I'll never forget the line "I'm a white dude, a caucasian/ You want some cock, asian?" Stupidest/most brilliant battle rap line ever.
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