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The Thief of Baghdad as re-imagined by Shadoe Stevens and the Electric Light Orchestra :: Fairy tales for Grownups :: Superhero Marathon :: Werner Herzog's Bokassa Coronation :: Peer Raben tribute :: Alakazam The Great and much much more at Cinefamily's vimeo page.
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At Cinefamily, the clip of Jackie Gleason on an LSD trip in the movie "Skidoo!" is worth the price of admission (semi-explained by Mark Evanier here and here). Any small-enough-to-be-digestible slice of that cinematic roast beast is a good thing.

And everything you need to know about Shadoe Stevens is here.
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Whoa! That Superhero Marathon link is seriously NSFW.
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Jackie Gleason's cellmates are, themselves, small-enough-to-be-digestible. Good lord, I need to see that film.
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"‘Represent’ is the result of undoubtedly the most innovative piece of crate diggin’ on display on Illmatic. Whilst the majority of hip hop jams are comprised of small chunks of funk, soul and jazz from the ‘60s and ‘70s, DJ Premier eschews this trend for something completely different on the album’s penultimate track. Thief Of Baghdad is a silent film that starred Douglas Fairbanks and featured a soundtrack composed by organist Lee Erwin that was released in 1924. That’s right: 1924. If ever you needed the beat diggin’ capabilities of DJ Premier confirmed, this would surely be the break to do it with."

More: Deconstructing Illmatic
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That's already in my Netflix queue but now I want to see it with a live score.
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I can't watch this now BUT I LOVE THE THIEF OF BAGDAD OMG, and the music is a big part of it. OMS.

Oh, this is the other Thief of Bagdad. Haven't seen it. I love the way they achieved the water effects in the beginning of the ELO link though.
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Alakazam the Great is one of my favorite movies ever!

There, I said it.
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I can hear ELO.
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