Still cycling, still maniacal.
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Thursday Flash Fun: Cyclomaniacs 2! Several characters from the first game have created a cycling megapark. The First Cyclomaniacs post.
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Oh, no.
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this game is all over the place: it contains several mini-games inside it, so if I get bored with the racing I can do something else. it also allows for the collection of in-game funds to buy upgrades. there are several unlockable characters - each with different abilities, a long list of achievements to accomplish, tricks to master, stuff to search for in each race course, several courses to master, hidden stuff to find, little puzzles to solve, and a cat.

any one of these things in a game like this can keep me occupied for hours.

this cannot end well.
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I will never forget or forgive how Cyclomaniacs got me through a job in the summer of 2009.
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As I remember it Cyclomaniacs was a bit friendlier when things got too hard. Right now I'm stuck in Cyclomaniacs 2 and while my standard response would be to grind some money, upgrade and play on it seems to be more or less impossible in this game because you get hardly anything for re-racing a track.
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I can't figure out how you get money generally, besides winning races. Do you get more money re-racing or for playing the mini-games even after you've won the trophy for the game? I love this game though, it is very fun.
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When you've finished a race there's a sidebar with racing stats (how long it took you to finish, which tricks you performed, etc), it will tell you how much you made. Achievements and unlocks seem to give you money. Re-racing will give you perhaps $5-10, if you win.
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Oh boy, not again.

Cyclomaniacs was one of the great flash finds that metafilter has given me. I wasted far too many hours on this simple, bicycle racing game. I'm not sure if it was the crazy characters, the fun physics, or the short, catchy music, but I played the shit out of that game.

The boss levels were annoyingly hard though.
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As odd as it may sound, I was more excited to hear about this than I was the announcement of Skyrim.
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Holy SHIT this is a deep game. Based on number of unlocks (55 of117) and riders (19 of the 40 shown) I have so far, I may still be less than half way through it. And I have only found four of the twelve ice cream cones! (well, five if you count the one I still can't quite reach on the Craters level).

Oh, you DO need to learn how to use (and upgrade) the brake in this one, and not just for the one level where you go backwards the whole way.
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Heh... I used the Boris "The Mayor" Johnson character to beat the custard level.

Funny for the severely sleep-deprived.
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Well, I'm still only 75/117. Some of these races are near impossible!
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