"Prin-chan is a queen, so elegant clothes suit her best."
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Cat Prin: the creator. Vice TV interviews the person behind Pet Office, Inc (previously). Pet Office, of course, provides the illustrations for Cat Town, created by metafilter's own Spatch.
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Dammit, I thought I had escaped from it but because of YOU I

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This is awesome, I love her! I bow down to the Crazy Cat Lady Queen.
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Next time someone says I'm a cat lady, I will show them this.

"That's my goal," I'll say.
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So I guess it's been another five years, I'll try again: does anyone have any idea where I might find a copy of the original catprin website? Around 2003, before the wayback machine first archived it, it was written in a truly glorious engrish. During or shortly after its 15 minutes of fame, I went to show it to someone, and to my horror, they had fixed up the english, to the (imperfect) version you see today. I've of course forgotten any of the details of the original, except that it was hard to even glean an idea about what was being said, and I'm sure I've buffed the memory with time. But the demise of that original website before it could be recorded anywhere (as far as I can tell) is one of my greatest most trivial regrets.

So, another half-decade having passed since I last looked into this -- and it having become all the less likely -- does anyone here have any ideas about where one might find a record of that original website? Or is it lost forever to me and the Library of Congress alike?
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Chortly, it is in my heart and mind. I also went through the painful discovery of showing someone else, only to find the update. I can only help you with some of it.

1. Dress her up. Cheer or yell, do whatever you like to enjoy the moment with your family.

2. After you are enough with your joy, take a photo! Take some poses and leave her some cute photos!

3. Remove her clothes and give her a hub, say "Thank you!"

After I burned through all those poor 'stop costu-lesting me' cat pics on the English site, I started sourcing new avatars from the Japanese site.
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I adore Cat Town.
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Mrs arcticseal will love this, thanks!
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Catprin is truly the Tailor of a Cat. I cannot imagine anyone I would trust more to make clothes for a cat.

Note: I am against cats wearing clothes. Even putting a bandana on a dog should be forbidden by law.
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love the site and LOVE seeing these cats alive after all these years! these are amazing cats!
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I somehow missed this during my first couple of viewings, but there's a completely fantastic brief snarl-face at 0:38
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Animal Hat Gang 4 LIFE!
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Greg Nog, you have made my day. I'm so glad Cat Prin Lady is exactly as I imagined her: quietly sweet and mildly mental.
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I actually hope the part about her designs coming from extradimensional aliens is true: when we finally get to talking, they'll just be like 'What are you so confused about? If you've got a better means of contacting new civilisations than carefully coded transmission of insane clothes for cats, we'd like to hear it. Totally standard procedure.'
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Cat Prin : The Creator, of Odd Feline Cat Gang Hug Them All
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The hub/hug-giving and saying "Thank you!" is what endeared me to Catprin in the first place. The cats were like a spiritual successor to Oolong the pancake rabbit, and they weren't presented strictly for laughs. Catprin lady was making the cats beautiful models and celebrities!

I have no idea if she's ever seen Cat Town, but I have always quietly wondered to myself how it would be interpreted. Hopefully with some kind of bemusement despite all the cultural differences.
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