The pop culture art of Phil Noto
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Phil Noto illustrates the hell out of comics, TV, pulp fiction, music, and being a six year old artist at his blog, Your Nice New Outfit. Oh shit it's the Master Blaster!
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I loved the micronaunts. Also Joy Division. These are good. Guy was destined to draw.
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I could have sworn I got the link to this on Metafilter, I just assumed it was already posted.
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I tripped across it a day or two ago; I can't recall how now, but I imagine I ganked it from either Comics Alliance or some random tumblr. I know I've seen his work before but I hadn't followed breadcrumbs to the motherlode previously.
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I still say his Lee Marvin was born to play Tombstone from Spectacular Spiderman.
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A friend sent me this earlier this week and yeah, it's pretty damn awesome.
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This is exactly who I wanted to be in 1982.
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Ha! I saw the title "Your Nice New Outfit" and started with that link, thinking "I wonder if that's a Fugazi reference. What a great song that was."

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[...] and being a six year old artist at his blog [...]
I read this text, clicked on one of the other links first, and thought "man, that's fantastic for a six year old". So just to clear this up for others who are as comprehension-impaired as I am: Phil Noto is not currently six years old.

The artwork is still fantastic, though.
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Oh, hoom. I probably should have gone with "...and having once been a six year old...", yeah.
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Phil Noto is great. Love the 60s mod design influence on his work... there's more stuff to look at and go "ooh" at on his art site.
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I was SO GLAD this was not a blog by a six year old.
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Can't ... stop ... clicking ... Thundarr!
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My favorite thing of his recently has been the "snapshots" of 60s and 70s Marvel characters listed as "from the Hank Pym archives"

I'd buy the hell out of a comic book of those, scrapbook style.
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Note if you're at work: some of his stuff is NSFW, such as this one of Tyrion Lannister. And, yeah, Noto's fantastic.
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Ha~! I just crawled this whole blog yesterday and saved half the damn thing to my MLKSHK. Noto is straightup amazing and those 60s Marvel "candid photo" pieces are just wonderful.

And speaking of Noto drawings made to look like photos, this awkward family portrait of Logan and his daughters is a particular favorite.
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Oh, AND - on the off chance Axel Alonso or Joe Quesada lurks here, please take note of Mr. Noto's answer to this question and then make it happen cuz it really, really needs to happen and I will buy many copies, promise.
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I saw the cover of his first art book without knowing a thing about him and thought, "boy, would I love to have a giant version of that on my wall." And then I realized what I really wanted was my entire life to morph into the crazy space-age mod aesthetic on display.

I know he does a lot of superhero stuff, but I still think my favourite pieces of his are the more anonymous ones, with this as a soundtrack.
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