DJ Bronco's Brasilian Soul Mix
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Single-link-1-hour-Brazilian-music-mix-filter: DJ Bronco's Brasilian Soul Mix. No playlist, but does contain awesomely solid Brazilian tunage... enjoy!
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Hey thanks Tom-B, I'm digging this mix.

It is a bummer, though, that there's no playlist. I mean, come on, DJ Bronco, howsabout showing some respect to the artists, eh? If you weren't gonna bother crediting the music (not a difficult thing to do, after all) perhaps you should've considered leaving your own name off of it: like, say, mix by "Anonymous". Since, after all, you've chosen to let the musicians remain anonymous. Not to mention those irritating little "Bronco, gettin' down!" sound logos between tunes. I mean, you insert your own DJ moniker between every tune and don't give a playlist? The self-promo without any promo to the original artists (who are the real stars of the show, after all) is bad form, man, very tacky.

In other news, can't help but chuckle about this quote from the Mixcloud page...

Brazilian music is not just Batucada and Bossa!

... when only 4 or 5 tunes in and we arrive at... a batucada! I think it's a Marisa Monte tune.
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I really liked the 2nd one, that's sort of Brazilian Steely Dan. I do wish the playlist was there.
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Playlist is needed, but still enjoyable. I'm watching Seu Jorge perform with Thievery Corporation from January 2010 on PBS right now, odd coincidence.
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Hoping someone can fill in the gaps:

0:00 - Elis Regina - Dinorah, Dinorah
2:40 - ??
04:52 - Tim Maia - Que Beleza
09:48 - ??
12:22 - Miriam Makeba - Xica Da Silva
15:35 - Marisa Monte - Balanca Pema
18:36 - ??
20:12 - ??
23:08 - Robert George Orlandivo - Ondo Anda A Meu Amor
26:06 - Baby Consuelo - Curumim, Chama Hunhata Que Eu Vou Contar
29:16 - ??
33:10 - ??
35:42 - ??
38:03 - ??
42:18 - Unknown - Eu Te Amo?
46:07 - ??
49:35 - ??
52:22 - ??
55:40 - ??
57:53 - Sonia Santos - Speed

Thus are the gaps in my knowledge revealed - you can complain/listen to DJ Bronco here. Or join in asking him for a real playlist at Sounds and Colors
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"sort of Brazilian Steely Dan"

My thoughts exactly. I'd also like a date on that song, just to see who influenced who...
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sysinfo, fabulous! Good on ya, man! I'm thinking of at least one other Mefier who might fill in some of those blanks: umbú. Whose music, BTW, here at MeFiMu, should be checked out by everyone, forthwith.

Didn't finish listening to the whole mix, but if there's no Jorge Ben at all on there, DJ Bronco must wear the Brazilian Hat of Shame.
posted by flapjax at midnite at 7:37 PM on August 19, 2011

Ooooo...this is going to be fun.

Let me start with Track 2 at 2:40. That's Musa Caipira performed by Abaeté.
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20:12 Dona Culpa - duet of Cauby Peixoto and Jorge Ben (so there is at least one Jorge Ben cut, pre-empting the awarding of the chapéu de vergonha).
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29:16 Conquero by Jorge Ben Jor -- he's doubly out of the dog house.

Jorge Ben Jor and Jorge Ben are the same guy. He inexplicably changed his name to avoid being confused on the record racks with George Benson.

Also, this is a little picky thing, but the Orlandivo song is Onde anda o meu amor.
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Awesome, umbú. Glad you showed up, and happy to be corrected as I've been operating from near-ignorance.
posted by sysinfo at 9:16 PM on August 19, 2011

I'm glad you've gotten a bunch of these, sysinfo, and I'm not going to get them all. I can tell you that 35:42 is the Tim Maia/Roberto Carlos tune "Não Vou Ficar," but I can't find who is performing it.
posted by umbú at 9:21 PM on August 19, 2011

49:35 Místerio da raça by Luiz Melodia
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52:22 Aroma by Gilberto Gil, performed by Lucia Turnbull.
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Usually when posting mixes, it's not a good idea to list song titles, at least not on the same site as the mix. I've had a bunch of friends get take down notices for various mixes that they posted tracklists for.
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needs more cuíca.
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Tom-B, all due respect to your original post, but that video link there, that trumps Bronco's mix. That video is All. Kinds. Of. Awesome. Deserves an FPP of its own, really.
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And, hey, where else you gonna hear "Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head" played on the cuica? Huh? Where else?

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This calls for a little pants-shaking cameo.
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This thread just gets better and better.
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When I click play, it redirects me here and all I get is a spinning icon.
posted by PueExMachina at 6:08 PM on August 21, 2011

I can't support DJs who put up mixes without tracklists.

And we could just link to 1000 mixes on soundcloud that have them.
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