Cruise the D
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The Woodward Dream Cruise is an annual event, bringing out nearly every classic and not-so-classic car in southeast Michigan. Bumper to bumper, a blessing or a curse, depending on who you are and how badly it screws up your trip to the grocery store or the emergency room. But, if nothing else, it is Pure Michigan.
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This is a sad cavalcade of all that was once right with American cars... except, there in the distance, a thunder of hooves, a shield full of ducks... could it be?

Awww, yeah, Caddy drop-top for these Peak Oil Days! I can smoke a M3 at the stoplight with something roughly the size and shape of a 1928 Chris Craft speedboat, and tipple like a subcompact at the pump!

The American Century ain't over until we say it's over.
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And, if you're not a car fan, you might be a Lion's fan.
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Or, a U of M fan...

ok, I'm done... promise...
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This is upsetting and heart warming on a personal note.
I really wanted to shoot that music vid QUONSAR, no 62' caddy for us, no possible 10 minutes with Kid R$5^ or Aretha. I will keep my music guy chit...for now.
we have a similar thing, actually, world, it's a open secret cavalcade of cars and bikes and planes and what not going from Detroit to the Mackinaw bridge, it's like a well armed column of history 400 miles long.

The worlds greatest 3D car porno.
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I used to love the dream cruise, my dad loved it more, and it's always awesome to go watch. I like watching all the old dudes running up and down Woodward, with the oh-so-patient wife with the tolerant "I'm enjoying this" smile plastered on, as they go back and forth, all day long up and down the strip.

Seems like in years past, all the young kids had hot cars and tried to pick up loose women. At the dream cruise, they're still trying, but now they're a lot older and they can afford cooler, albeit now-antique cars. The women are still a problem, though, since they'd rather go home and have an iced tea.
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I lived right off Woodward for 10 years. I could walk from my house and I always found it to be a really good photo op. But I think the Pure Michigan spots I worked had better production value.
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Glad I wasn't actually drinking my coffee when I watched those spots, especially the Lions one. too funny!
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And my hometown (which is also Nightmare Cruise central) is the epicenter of douchebaggery.

Some of the Pure Michigan parodies aren't that funny, but this one earlier in the summer was spot on:
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And I'm a DB 'cos I can't link. [Cut/paste/whatevs.]

Royal Oak:

Monsoon season:
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I have a good friend from Birmingham MI, dyed in the wool car guy, mechanic that runs his own shop, etc. who used to go back for this every year. It was mainly a way to not only see cars, but to catch up with friends.

A couple of weeks ago I was talking to him about it, and he said, "The problem is that now when I go, it's 57 Chevy, Corvette, Mustang, Corvette, Mustang, Mustang, 57 Chevy, Corvette, Mustang, 57 Chevy ... you used to see a bunch of different cool old cars, now you see the same three over and over again."
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A parade of 60 Chevy Volts took part in the Cruise.

Every one of them made in Detriot.

Mine gets about 250 MPG in daily driving. And is a blast to drive.
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