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Nine Planets Without Intelligent Life finished today. Promises of new projects and a print version by December have been made.

I've been following since the original post back in 2004. Anyone who may have given up due to the notoriously infrequent updating can now read the strip in its entirety. And you really should if you enjoy beautiful philosophical explorations of what life is all about.
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These are really nice. I wish online comic artists would embrace the CBR format so I could download them to my iPad for reading.
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As one of the ones who gave up a few years back, thanks for the post. I'll definitely go back and read the whole thing. An interesting, elegant little strip.

(I'm starting to get this way about literature reading, too. More and more, I don't start reading a series until it's finished. I hate trying to remember what went on in the three previous books while I'm trying to digest the latest one. And I'm still skittish from the unfortunate unfolding of the Robert Jordan tragedy.)
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Professor Satlam is playing Dragon Warrior. Heh.
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I'm having a good time with this. I like the nice, ambling pace of the story that really compliments the journey and the characters. It's not easy to make something that takes it's time, and lets things happen without seeming rushed to any punchline. It's got to be especially tough when making a short form, episodic storyline like this. He's putting it out there, getting positive or negative feedback from his audience, it's a natural temptation to respond to praise (or criticism) by giving them more stuff happening at a faster pace, and mess up the original concept. Kudos for restraint and discipline!

Yeah, IvoShandor, I noticed the Dragon Warrior reference so fast, a part of my mind was already thinking about how damn irritating those slimes were before I even got to process that frame consciously. I haven't thought about that game for over 20 years, but there's part of mind that is still on the lookout for those damn slimes. Weird.
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I've been thinking about the way that different closed-ended webcomics have ended recently.


Digger finished with the title character starting her voyage home (frustrating some readers who wondered what further adventures she might have along the way).

Freakangels had the all-powerful title characters discover the ability to undo most of the damage and disappear.

Ratfist, after a convoluted story with time travel, fourth-wall breaking, heavy-handed politics and God-level mysticism, had the hero Ricky, who started out ambivalent about giving up his Batman-ish 'hobby' for the woman he loved, giving up his life for her.

So Nine Planets wins for the best ending (and was barely edged by Digger for the best overall story).
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This may be blasphemy, but I really want to read this (I think I read the first few years worth) & don't have a fast enough internet connection. Any chance there is a way to download it all at once?
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Nine Planets is in the stages of being released in book format this winter.
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Oh man! Thanks so much! I forgot the name of this comic years ago and couldn't find it again!
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This is a nice comic, thanks for the link. I don't see the point of the spoilers for the other comics though oneswellfoop.
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@Buckt: Go to the Comics page that lists them all. Hold the control button (if you're on PC). Click on all of the links in order (I hope you have a lot of RAM). Go away. Come back. If none of them failed to load, you can go through them all now.
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These are really nice. I wish online comic artists would embrace the CBR format so I could download them to my iPad for reading.

Agreed, though with a little effort you can remedy that yourself.
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But brenton, isn't there a script for that?
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