rock & roll time capsule
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Rock Scene magazine - scans of every page of all 54 issues from 1973-1982, featuring artists like Bowie, Queen Lou Reed, the Ramones, The New York Dolls, Blondie, Talking Heads, Willy DeVille, and more. (via Dangerous Minds)
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Any 14 records - $2.86 or any 10 tapes - $2.86

I'm only at page 2 of the first issue and I love this already.
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Fantastic! Love the "Ask Doc Rock"...

"Is it true that Bass notes in rock & roll penetrate the human spinal chord causing vibrations that cause boys to go mental and turn girls into nymphos?"

God I hope so.
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I think that should read "Princess Lou Reed". Lou Reed didn't become queen until the late 80s.
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oh MAN does this bring back memories... wish i still had my copies. but this is almost as good. less to carry! thanks so much for posting this, madamjujujive!
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This is really great, makes me feel old, but mostly really nostalgic. Nostalgia is pretty new to me, and sort of freaks me out.
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Boy Howdy! Oops, wrong magazine. I can't wait to piss away many hours on this, thanks.
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Please have some Sparks! *crosses fingers* (Thanks for the link, btw!!)
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From the good folks who brought us the Star Magazine scans! Another fantastic slice through a lost pop subculture. Just wish the interface wasn't so clunky...
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This is fucking amazing!
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"DEAR WAYNE": Tips and Advice from Wayne County to You
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