Jerry's Map
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Jerry's Map: a short film about the fictional world of Jerry Gretzinger, which he has been building for decades through a process of procedural cartography. His website.
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I need to email him; I have a bunch of questions: What his budget is, how much time a day he spends on it (and how has that varied over the years), whether he's retired (probably) and if so, what was it he used to do...

Several years ago I was looking at the blank walls of the dorm I was in, trying to figure out what kind of art I wanted to put on the walls. I got to thinking about how much I liked maps, specifically maps of made-up places.. started working on a "map of me" which was intended to be somehow representative of my own psyche/internal geography. Its changed a bunch over the years but I've kept the old versions and in a bit of limbo working on the current version.

I don't know if his map is anything similar, or if it's "just" art, but it's pretty great. Wish I lived nearby as it looks like he invites folk to come and visit and work on it with him if they're in the area.
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I used to teach 4th graders this way. As they studied different earth or life sciences they got to add those elements to the continent we were creating. At a certain point they all located their countries on the continent and wrote their histories. The kids and I met in this shared space of the imagination and just asked questions: Where would the cities be? How do the people eat? What would live in just one tree? Where would the hurricanes hit? And so forth.

I moved on because of seniority shuffles and the drive to standardized teaching — but I still miss that. This was actually hard to watch.
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I completely share the attraction of creating worlds from grammars and dice games. This was really great, thanks for posting!
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I love it. It would be a great experience to see it in person.
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The process sounds amazing, especially when he got to the "void" part. I wonder what it's like to blot out stuff he's worked on like that (I guess the old panel is archived, but still).
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Wow; this is so beautiful and fascinating. As a fledgling city planner and someone fascinated by procedural stuff, this is like crack for me. (Anyone know of other cool procedural-based projects? Maybe I'll start an AskMe when I can.)

The whole battle against the void thing is really poignant.
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Does anyone know what area he's in? (Uh, not in a stalky way. Don't post his address or anything.) Looks like he won an award in Grand Rapids but I don't know if that's where he's based.
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threeants, this post says he's in Cold Spring, New York.
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I can't love this enough. Thanks for posting it.
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Thanks, curious nu.

If you are in the area and want to visit just email me! I love to have visitors.

Oh to live in Cold Spring! Never thought I'd have that desire before.
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brb redecorating

Too bad he hasn't updated the blog in quite awhile.
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Fascinating. I bet if this guy was a programmer he would have created some pretty interesting computer games.
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This would look great in a Google maps-style interface. He already has the basic tiles.
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What a curious hobby... I wonder if he has the highly relevant short story by Borges.
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So very cool. Making maps - real or imaginary - is unusually satisfying. I find it easy to understand how he got so deeply into this. But the degree of organization and the introduction of chance processes is another level entirely. Thanks for a great post.
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About the deck of cards: "There's a reality in there. That's the future predictor."

You really can't argue with that. There is a reality in there.
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He's going to have a hell of a time coming up with random encounter tables for all those areas.
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He sure beats the hell outta this guy
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What a brilliant and beautiful idea. I haven't been this impressed by an art video on Mefi since the mixing of inks or the 100 million sunflower seeds.

Thanks for sharing, avocet.
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