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The Daily Dot delivers news about social media communities such as Reddit, Facebook and Youtube the way a local newspaper might deliver news about a city.
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The meta of the meta aggregating aggregators.
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meta meta bo betta banana fana fo fetta
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Filters, all the way down.
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I found this article about a "Powerful Redditor" pretty hilarious. Reddit is a complete dump with a lot of ridiculous nonsense getting voted up, but the idea that people with high link Karma are somehow 'powerful' is absurd.

That said, I found this article about how NME did an animated video about /r/jailbait getting shut down amusing.
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Do not want.
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Not to be confused with Daily Dots, which is artist Roz Stendahl's wonderful daily sketch journal of her malamute Dottie, a project which went on for almost five years.
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This site is charmless.
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Someone else used to do this years ago. "Last week on Fark, the people on [Board X] were concerned with blah blah of Toronto before being distracted by yadda yadda."
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I was all "Well, I don't need another..." and "This is just more of..." and "Oh more of the sa..." and then it linked to that wicked creepy dollhouse made by The Bloggess that I'd never have found otherwise. So, thanks!
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