The TV episodes are OK, but they really shine in Lazer City 3144
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The Tiny Fuppets in: Internet Follies, A Bad Cough, Party Pals,and A Modest Wish. Meet the Tiny Fuppets!
1999- Arturo Lima first doodles Kormit during a fan-boat expedition. He shows the expedition leader, who laughs so hard he falls off the boat! He is quickly rescued and the Fuppets are born.
I know what you're thinking, but it's not true! The Tiny Fuppets are not a knockoff. At BEST the Junior Minis are just a lazy cash-in.

Kormit, Gonzor, Ms. Woman, Tummi, and Animanuel will surely make your dreams come true.

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I've got to stop mixing Robitussin and port.
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I've watched these each about 3 times in the past week. A Bad Cough is one of my favourites.

I've got to stop mixing Robitussin and port.

I've got to start...
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What a disastrophe.
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Here's an article about the creator of Tiny Fuppets on Huffington Post!
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Vertical Pizza is my favorite Scott Gairdner video.

He also responsible for Scott Meets Family Circus, altho you really have to start at the beginning to fully appreciate it.
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This is what TCP/IP was invented for!
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Wow -- I saw this on Attack of the Show last night (which I don't usually watch but TiVo picked it up because of Matt Smith) and was sort of meh...but I think that was because they were SO. AGGRESSIVELY. TELLING. ME. TO. LAUGH. (which I guess is why I don't usually watch said program)

But if it has anything to do with the Scott Meets Family Circus guy, I am all over it. (I guess I didn't know he was anything other than that asshole who mocks the Family Circus, which, though a very ripe target, he does in a way that I really appreciate.)
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